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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a complete Collection of 3D Boxes, 2D Carts and Logos for the Sega Mega Drive Europe Region. The set is named after the 2019 No-Intro Rom set. As a result of the naming convention used with No-Intro there will be some duplicate artwork with slightly different naming. The concept behind these No-Intro named packs is that the user can either have seperate systems with an entire library of artwork for each system or choose a region they would prefare and simply overwrite the region artwork that is not wanted as the artwork and roms will have the same names (for example: Japan, Europe), doing this will leave a library of artwork with a complete region and only the exclusives would be left for the region that was overwritten. There are three different versions of 3D Boxes to choose from: Normal, With Plastic Cover, With Plastic Cover and Sheen. This Project was a collaboration between myself and @Aorin. I made the Boxes and the Carts and Aorin collected and made many of the Logos so they match the European Box Logos exactly. Aorin also had a lot of input in other parts of the project. Though some of the naming may seem a bit strange in some instances LaunchBox and Emumovies will download the correct information and videos for all games. @Aorin has also created a set using more EXACT naming in accordance with Sega Retro with a Database he created which may be more useful for Hyperspin users It can be downloaded here : LIST OF BOXES INCLUDED: Normal: With Plastic Cover: WITH PLASTIC COVER AND SHEEN: CART: LOGO AN ART PACK FOR THE SEGA MEGA DRIVE JAPAN REGION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE: AN ART PACK FOR THE SEGA GENESIS USA REGION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE:
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    Version 1.4


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Commodore 64 Captures by @Audi85 @bb_neo @bLAZER @hargcore @Night @shroud Edits & Encoding by @Circo High Quality (FTP, Sync) Resolution 640x480 Video Count 1,002 Total Size 1.94GB Standard Quality (Site, FTP, Sync) Resolution 320x240 Video Count 1,002 Total Size 986MB Castlevania (USA).mp4 High Quality Sample Castlevania (USA).mp4 Standard Quality Sample
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    Version v1.5


    These custom console themed overlays were made by me to play retro console games on Retroarch. I wanted these overlays to evoke a nostalgic feeling. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit if you use it on your channel. Thanks. Please keep in mind these videos are not walkthroughs they're just quick samples to show the overlays.
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