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    Version 1.3


    EmuMovies Official Wii U 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync This is a collection of 674 3D Boxes for the Nintendo Wii U. These use the same template as my PC, Steam, Xbox, Xbox 360 3D Boxes. The collection is split into three sections: 1: 189 3D Boxes for games released on Disc format. These are named after the official Hyperlist XML and all boxes are included. However only about half of them have spine art as many full covers are not available yet on the net however I have added script to those boxes missing spine art to complete the set. Also some of the boxes in this set may have European covers where American covers should be as I tried to find as many full covers as possible and I always took what ever was available regardless of region. this did not happen often though. 2: A collection of 428 created eShop 3D Boxes. 3: A collection of 57 created virtual console 3D boxes. Big thanks go out to souffleetc on Imgur who posted his 65 eShop and 57 Virtual Console covers he created.
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    Version 0.5


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Microsoft XBOX (Work in Progress) Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync High Quality - FTP, Sync I know these are early as emulation still is not great for this system, but I went ahead and started the video snap set off of an actual XBOX via HDMI. Closing in on halfway done so thought I would post my progress. More to come! High Quality Standard Quality High Quality (FTP, Sync) Resolution 856x480 / 640x480 Video Count 395 Total Size 7.88GB Frame Rate 60 / 50 Audio 192 kbit/s Standard Quality (Site, FTP, Sync) Resolution 426x240 / 320x240 Video Count 395 Total Size 1.44GB Frame Rate 30 / 25 Audio 128 kbit/s
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    Version 2.0


    EmuMovies Official 2D Boxes Pack for the Microsoft XBOX 360 Availability: Site, FTP & Sync This is a collection of 1201 2D boxes for the Microsoft Xbox 360. LIST OF GAMES COVERED:
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