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    Version 1.0.3


    Here's a new collection of my realistic arcade bezels for Mame. These are solo projects I did last year. Focusing on one game at a time rather than doing a bunch at a time. Many of these games I've tackled before, but these are all new upgrades with more detail and authenticity. Hope you guys like them! I hope everyone enjoys these bezels and they bring back good memories Donations are welcome - https://www.paypal.me/orionsangel
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    The original image was created by Simply Austin and was made in the older "jessie" version of Retropie. I am in the process of converting it over to the new "stretch" version of Retropie (version 4.4). I've had to modify a few things to the theme in order for it to work and I'm putting together new box art, marquees and videos where needed and coordinated the names of the files so everything works perfectly. I've also completed the dates, ratings and descriptions for all the games in the databases. In addition, I have added bezels for the systems and set up filters to make them look like they are being played on a CRT Television or LCD for handhelds. I started off with the systems that have fewer games, like the Sega 32X, Nintendo Virtual Boy and Atari Lynx - these are complete and I am happy with the results. I will upload these System Packs and the Theme to the FTP with instructions on how to set up your Retropie and where to put the files. Simply Austin did an amazing job with the original and I am just reusing his brilliant work and tweaking it to work in the new version of Retropie. Regardless of whether or not you use my modified version of the theme, my system packs are 100% compatible with the original Sega Genesis Mini image he created. I will update this topic whenever I upload something to the FTP and add instructions on how to set them up. Update: It was suggested to me by someone on Discord that I also give credit to Dave Marti/Dwayne Hurst for Motion Blue. I want to make sure everyone involved in this project receives the proper credit for the work they have done. I sincerely apologize for the omission.
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    I think it could be helpful for newbies, like me, make a list of recommendations for each platform/system emulators. Also, indicate the reasons why one is better than another. Greetings.
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    Hello everyone! First post! I have been using LaunchBox for a few years now. More specifically, I stream Big Box from my main PC to my Shield TV in my living room. I have tweaked it out to be more kid and wife friendly and it works great! I've only scratched the surface with visual customizations, but it looks great even stock. Cheers!
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    View File Genesis 3D Box Pack 3D box pack for the Sega Genesis Submitter DamnedRegistrations Submitted 08/12/2016 Category Artwork Resolution 369x580 Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase Total Files in Collection 942 File Count 942  
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    Since today (Day 5) we hit 100+ members I thought it would be a great time for everyone to introduce themselves. Since I still have some time to kill until I can start posting the video snaps for everyone, I thought it would help break the ice. For starters I am Circo, hopefully most of you know me but I am the crazy fool that started this site almost 5 years ago. Take a peek at this WayBack version of EmuMovies EmuMovies July 2005 (Wayback Machine) for an idea of how far we have come so far. I have a wife that likes to get mad because I hang out in the office too much playing 2 minutes of each video game that I can get my hands on. I swear this project has made me ADD! I do have a day job that takes up a lot of my time, but I try to touch this site as often as possible. My favorite development over the past year are the contributers. Users like Keno, StarControl, Jochitko, etc have really helped to motivate me, it was getting hard to stay motivated, but with all of the help coming from our members it has been getting so much easier and fun to do. I think that eventually that we just may reach our goal of perfect HiQ video snap sets for every system. I will say that my favorite change to the project is the normalized audio, this has made such a huge difference in testing, and I can't wait to start rolling these out to you guys. It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to our new forum, and I am pretty sure that this will become the hub of our site going forward. I think my EmuMovies baby is finally starting to grow up, I am so proud I could cry! Enough about me, let's hear from you guys, welcome to EmuMovies.com!
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    Been here a long time but I have never actually posted on this forum. Pleasure to meet you all
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    Here are the Retro Arch cores I personally use:
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    There is already a pretty good list here: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?2803-Best-Emulator-For-Each-System
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