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    Having search endlessly attempting to find a Star Wars Cockpit cabionet in good condition (and not for a huge amount of money) I have decided to build my own. This will be the ultimate cab (compared to my old one) in the way of controls including illuminated sticks and buttons, steering wheels, light guns, spinner, rollerball, etc etc my previous cabinet had a XArcade controller which is great but I want to make this one a little bit special. I have decided to cut down my 39 emulators down to the 'best of the best' including C64, Amiga, MAME, Atari 2600, N64, SNES, PSX and Laserdisc (all my memories). I have attached the draft dimension planning (as it's now 2 Player design and image is VERY first draft) which always helps me get the controls, seating and other dimensions worked out. As sometimes it looks good on paper but not in reality. This will be my 4th cabinet build although the first cockpit seated one. I will be getting the original side art on it as well. I will keep pics coming as and when the work commences (very slowly at the moment). Although I have a deadline of around July this year for completion. I will be using the fantastic GameEx Menu system and have been working on the system (out of cabinet) in readiness for the cabinet insertion. I also have a 36" (or is it 32"?) TV to go in there
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    As always guys, everything you need to get this game playing on your systems, your arcade cabs or anywhere else you want it. Its the Full Taito and Valve arcade game with all 3 modes complete. Just follow the instructions and away you go (
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