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    Gamepad works great with the bigbox feature, but it is a pay to play feature.
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    Hyperspin for me, its like a beautiful but crazy girlfriend. Intoxicating
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    I am getting ready to post the "final" update to the PlayStation 2 video snap set. I have "final" in quotes because there are still a few hundred games that during the recording process were deemed unplayable. On many of these it's very possible that there is a bad rom involved or not the right emulator settings were used. This is where we can use the communities help. If you have one of the games running on the list properly please let us know. Please include information such as the emulator settings that were used and if a new rom is needed we may need your help with that as well. EmuMovies PlayStation 2 Error Tracker
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    Getting better guys, soon be working on this again. I have the sides cut out now (the real sides). :)
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    Plus it's open source. I like the idea if the developer decides to abandon the project someone else might eventually fork it. That just happened with emulation station a few months ago.
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    Another add for today is 4 more video snaps for the Sega Master System Video Snap Pack. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for this submission. These videos bring the video set to 370 videos and the set is now considered complete. The Video Snap Pack can be downloaded from the EmuMovies Download Area, FTP File Server and Download Utility. Videos Added: 4 (DamnedRegistrations) Bruce Lee (World) (Unl) Gekioko PunPun Maru (Japan) (Unl) Lander 2 (World) (Unl) Snail Maze (Europe)
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    No need to be sorry or feel like a idiot, we all have moments exactly like this
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