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MAME 166 Video Snap Update *Still Going*

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I finally updated my video set to .147 and after comparing it with the HL db we are really really close to have a full set (clones aside of course) :) We are only missing the following videos:
















I've also been checking the videos and there are a few videos that should be redone, because they don't have any gameplay they mostly consist on title, loading or error screens. Maybe from older sets, but even in cases where the games aren't playable I think it's better not to have a video rather than having one video like this because it will give the wrong impression that we already have the video for it once the game eventually becomes playable. I believe most of these should be playable on .147 though, so here's the list:







bronx (There's no 480p version of this one)

























Also compared the mp4 set against the flv set and there are some videos missing. Hopefully you still have the source videos and can encode them.

mp4 missing, but present on flv set:






























flv missing, but present on mp4 set:






Apart from that there are a bunch of videos that could be deleted because they have invalid rom names, and most likely are already included on the set under the correct names.

So this is getting really close to completion, great work Circo and everyone else who helped with this set.

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I'm guessing no one is making use of renameSET..going from version to version...oh well.

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Well I am, I think Circo is as well at least since a few versions, but not really sure, those videos are probably leftovers from older sets, but Circo is the one that can answer that. These would need to be manually deleted now to put things up to date (which I did on my end) and from that point forward it would be just a matter of running renameSET every time.

Actually I can't use renameSET to update to anything past .146u4 since it always crashes on .146u5, maybe a bug on the program I already emailed antoPISA about it.

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You need to change the video name gnome_3 to gnome_5.

Also some of those clones use the parent rom like make trax which uses the parent rom crush.

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@ brolly -

Well if there is a problem with the app...I'm the one to talk to...since I wrote it...antoPISA is just distributing it and getting credit for it...since it was part of the loosely done agreement...where he would release his DAT also in INI format...which I requested.

I'll look things over and see if the issue is on my side of the app or his.

Well manual removal of the vid's shouldn't be nessary as the "Missing Mame Vid's" script...or whatever the hell I called it....should move unknown videos to a sepreate folder....actually I thought the renameSET script did that as well...well into old code I go. ....joy

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oh I had no idea it was you who created the app, I would have asked you instead of course. antoPISA didn't get back to me about it anyway.

Ok so try to make an update from 0.146u4 to 0.146u5 or from 0.146u5 to 0.147, add any folder you want it can even be an empty one and run it it will crash with the following error:

Line 8919 (File "K:\Tools\ps_MAMErenSET\MAMErenSET.exe"):

Error : Subscript used with non-Array variable.

The problem seems to rely on some update on 0.146u5, but there is no log created so I couldn't figure exactly where the problem is. At first glance the dat file seems to be ok, unless I'm missing something.

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Okay I see the problem...it's on his end...but I should catch the error all the same.

He lists that there are 31 renames...yet there are only 19 in 0.146u5

if you change the rename value from 31 to 19 it'll work...but...clearly he's got an issue there.

** Update 1 **

Okay well he does have 31 deletes...damn it...I'm going to have to look through that script I did for him that parsed his DAT to create the INI file...something isn't right here. :(

** Update 2 **

Well I can't find the original script to generate the INI version...so writing a newer build...and right now I want to thowp antoPISA for not staying consistant...dang shit. hehe

I think there will be some disccusion on the formating of his original DAT.

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Hope you can sort it out, so your tool only looks to the ini files only and ignores the dat file?

Ok I see what you mean, this is the problem right:



Should be:



The renames should always be Stat_09 correct? Can I make this change manually at least to be able to rename everything or is there anything more that needs to be fixed?

I must say it's pretty weird why this happened, both values being wrong and all.

This might have been the reason, he listed the same rename twice on the 146u5 update:

Ren_009=m4bigchfd > m4bigchd

Ren_010=m4bigchfd > m4bigchd

This makes no sense and it's clearly an error, I'd suspect this is what could have made your script go kaput.

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Yeah you can make the change by hand.

Sadly the present version depends on the static placement of values...I'll be changing this to be dynamic based on the Stat_00 entries.

Well antoPISA made some changes to what was contained in the DAT some time back...he notified me that he was looking to make changes...but I was going through some drama...so didn't get around to taking into account the changes he was needing\wanting.

So values being shifted around in the Stat values....is because I wasn't around and antoPISA pushed through changes regardless...my guess anyways...course my script could have been broken from the get go...can't say since I can't find it. :(

The dup entry for rename is all antoPISA...he's doing a lot of stuff by hand...offered to help automate things more for him...don't recall what happened with that...we probably both got side tracked. (*eat crow*) looks like the dup may have been my original script...as I'm not detecting it...code wise right now...have to check myself though. (*lots of crow*) yeah it's all me there...unless he's done an update that corrected the issue...because the copy I downloaded today doesn't have it present.

Anyways by tomorrow I should have everything working correctly...if I can stop shooting my foot off anyways....hell not even using C++ for this and I'm being dismembered. :P

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I use brolly's lists as a base so I guess in a round about way I still use it. I just let him do all of the heavy lifting :)

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hmm don't think his lists would account for stuff changing names...only that something is missing...that might already be done.

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Circo, regardless of all these problems my list above stands correct, so would be nice if you could have a look at those. Fixing renameSET won't make any difference because all those are already with the correct names. The last part of my list should be an easy fix for you if you still have the source avi files as it was simply a matter of some videos only being converted to mp4 or flv. The rest will probably require new videos, but at your pace I'm sure it wouldn't take you that long then we would have a 100% finished Hyperlist parents only set :D

NoLogic, eheh seems you have quite a mess on your hands if he started changing the dat format without letting you adjust the tool that's not good at all. What is strange is that it's only breaking on .146u5, I hope the tool is still working as it should and renaming what needs to be renamed because I've been using since quite a few versions back. I'll fix this one manually, it's no big deal now that I know where the problem is. Good luck with the new version, don't try to rush it as that never turns out well ;)

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brolly you want to take a look see and see if you spot any issues...this is just the newer INI creation...it works off the original DAT.


I'll see about getting a newer build of MAMErenSET out that will work with this newer INI format.



New version that allows you to blow your foot off !wOOt!

To use this newer build move all assets you with to rename (non archive) to a single folder (with containing sub folders) and run this against the parent folder...it'll go through all the sub folders renaming & deleting accordingly.

So to be clear create a new folder...called..."New Folder" or whatever you like and then move the following inside it:







Granted you may have your folders named differently or have other folders containing non archive assets that you wish to rename.

Now if your assets are not version in-sync...do them one at a time...instead of doing the group thing.

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I have made sure these were all fixed and just performed another large update to the set. Some however have already been replaced in the last week. What method are you using to update your mame videos? If you are using the FTP (recommended) make sure to use the following setting when the file exists dialog box comes up.



Why is the FTP recommended over the Download Service? Is there a problem using the Download Service?

Also, what FTP client(s) do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.


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Seems to be working fine NoLogic, but didn't have much time to play around with it yet, nice work there that was a pretty quick fix.

I must say I'm not a big fan of the only 1 path change though, that makes sense if you are only renaming your artwork folders on Mame because typically you can do that, but I also want to do that on my HS media so I need to run it several times changing the path several times on the process. Either that or I will need to move around all my folders into the same parent folder before running it.

While on the previous version I already had all my folder paths configured on the ini file and it was just a matter of running MAMErenSET choosing the source and target versions hit run and I'd be done with everything within seconds.

Dariusz, filezilla is a great free ftp client I highly suggest you to use it.

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I moved the MAME renameSet discussion here

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Thanks Circo, you seem to have missed a few posts though ;)

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Guest Gamerdome


Space invaders part 2 = no sound in 480p

sorry for my english


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The clone game capitol (capitol) needs its own video. Has different graphics then the parent.

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Good Job Circo, This compilation of Videos MAME is amazing !!!

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OK after fixing a few renames this is what needs to be done or fixed for mame 147u3

3on3dunk - missing

3x3puzzl - missing

astinvad - redo needs own video

claybust - missing

gunshamp - missing

starfigh - missing

sparkman - missing

bigdeal - rename to bonuscrd

pprobe - missing

harem - missing

junglek - needs own video. Just make this one and make copies and rename junglehbr, junglekas, and junglekj2 for the rest.

kosmokil - redo needs own video

kotbinsp - missing

dwpc - missing

vega - missing

shtngmste - missing

suprmatk - needs own video, graphics are a little different as missile command. You have to wait to make video if you are using mame147u3. Graphics are corrupt and is already reported to mametesters. If anything use 147u2 or below.

suprmatkd - same as above

capitol - redo needs own video

bagmanmc - redo

bagmanm2 - redo - 0.147u3: MisfitMAME and Robbbert added clone Bagman (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware, set 2). Robbbert fixed loading of gfx roms in clone Bagman (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware), and the bank switching, but some roms are bad. hap changed description of clone 'Bagman (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware)' to 'Bagman (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware, set 1)'

spacezap - Needs to be re-done. 0.147u1: hap added Space Zap color overlay (The original game likely used a black and white monitor with an overlay). Start game and go in the tab menu scroll down to video options and select color overlay.

warlords - needs artwork

start the game and select tab

go to dip switches and under cabinet change to upright(overlay)

next go to video options and make sure upright artwork is selected and also make sure everything in enabled and the view is cropped.

If I missed anything guys please tell me if you find something. Thanks
Edited by joe35car

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I expect these to be done by Christmas Time for our gift. :lol:

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Lol I know I know, you can't imagine how burnt on mame I got

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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