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Sony Playstation 2 Complete USA Manual Set (4K Resolution)


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Sony Playstation 2 Complete USA Manual Set (4K Resolution)

"I caved and got an Epson DS-870 scanner, popped all the staples, and sheetfed them all. Not the photographic quality I wanted, but with 58,000+ pages I couldn't be choosy. Have batch files for renaming and moving to Left and Right subdirectories (like scan_01 becomes scan_16 in the Left directory and stays scan_01 in the Right directory). Then I use Photoshop to chop to the left or right 50%. Use macros in Textpad to make ugly batch files to move them to correctly named subdirectories. Run PDF Combiner Pro to make individual pdfs. Run actions in Adobe Acrobat Pro for filling in some data fields, setting it to title page+ facing pages, and open in full screen. Run another action to compress pdfs with Jpeg2000 at max quality (took it from 230GB to a functional 17GB)."


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