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XBOX 360 Digital Manuals

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XBOX 360 Digital Manuals

I combed through every Xbox 360 game in the Xbox Marketplace to search for games with digital manuals supplied by Microsoft. This is in case 360 support is dropped at any point.

These .RAR folders contain ZIP folders that contain all the last 367 digital manual I could find. The other submissions of these manuals will be deleted so that this page contains the whole of the content.


*Link for the Batttlefield Bad Company 2 manual doesn't work so I tracked down a copy at https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/eahelp/manuals/battlefield-bad-company-2-manuals_Microsoft XBOX360.pdf

**Link for the Battlestations Midway manual doesn't work so I tracked down a copy at http://www.meekeo.com/Xbox-360-manuals_battlestations 


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