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Sega Mega Drive Logos (Europe)

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Sega Mega Drive Logos (Europe)

There's never been a true European database and artwork for any given system I can think of, I've seen packs here and there, but this is different, I've worked on logos to match all cover arts, all released titles in Europe are covered here, including game compilations, protos and unlicensed games to this region, all different names were fixed, as we know not all games have the same name across the globe.

This is a complete European Mega Drive pack of logos, including all games released in Europe, not only exclusives, even program entries are here, like Action Replay, mostly for the sake of the database and as a curiosity than any other practical use, also, all artwork is always nice to see, that's why having different regions for the same console is always relevant.

This is a team work between @Robin55 and myself, we wanted separate regions and we're getting there, USA, Europe and Japan now complete.

Note that most of this artwork wasn't created by me, I gathered all logos that matched the European cover arts on lots of places, but even so I had to cut 30 logos myself since not all were there. Most of the work is really building up a database, cross-checking artwork and title differences, filling in gaps, etc.




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