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Atari 5200 2D Cart Pack

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Atari 5200 2D Cart Pack

There was only a 72 game cart pack available on this site yet even using the out dated hyperlist xml file there was 88 games I couldn't find the missing cart images anywhere and so decided to create these.


I don't know who to thank for the base artwork I used as it was downloaded via the sync tool.


This archive contains all 88 2D cart images made using the 2D box art available through the sync tool and edited then put together with a blank cart image to create the artwork.


This is the first time I have done anything like this so feedback would be appreciated.


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    • By CEason1987
      When I downloaded the cart images for SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color using the sync tool there were some of the images that didn't display properly even downloading them from the site they were the same and also the same trying the rocket launcher artwork pack so i decided to remake them.
      I stuck to the same style and a similar colour scheme.
      All credit goes to whoever created the original cart pack for this system and whoever created the wheel logos as that's what i used to recreate the images.
      Hope these can help others who have had this issue.
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