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Do I have to rescan now that I am a paying member?

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Now that I can download movies and such, do I have to remove and rescan my Launchbox consoles to haven them include the additions that EMUMovies features? Or is their a workaround, such as adding a single new rom to force it to rescan or something?


Thanks. And it's good to be here!

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@PedgeJameson All Artwork is only artwork (All the content for Basic Members), videos, manuals etc are separate if your talking about EmuMovies Sync .  If your talking about built in integration in another front end just follow their directions as each one works a bit differently.  If your using launchbox i'm not entirely sure, but I think there is a way just to select video snaps and then re-scan and it will only do that, but i'm not entirely sure.

Thank you for supporting EmuMovies!

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I found out if you just select a rom and use edit, you can re-scan, it will now choose your pro options.

And you are welcome, best money my ex-wife has ever spent.

I kid I kid. She is not my ex yet. 😛

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