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MAME (Arcade) 3D Boxes Version 2 by Mr. Retrolust

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MAME (Arcade) 3D Boxes Version 2 by Mr. Retrolust

EmuMovies Official 3D Boxes for MAME (Arcade)

Availability: Site, FTP, Sync

Includes both 32bit and 8bit color versions

Boxes by @Mr_RETROLUST, Name Corrections @Cyclotrode Optimizations @Circo


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Your 3d set is incredible, I really love the work you have put here. Every cover is very high quality compared to other sets I have found.

Anyway I see some boxes missing here and there in my lists (Sammy Atomiswave, Sega Naomi, etc). If you are interested I can make a detailed list with rom name, and package a zip with clear logo + flyer or any material need to create missing boxes. Some missing boxes are simple variants of existing ones and would only require a logo change (example: Sega Naomi / Derby owners club which exists but lack variants for Derby owners club II, Derby owners club 2k, Derby owners club World Edition...).

Btw I am referring to version 2.6 from the ftp.

Edit: I made a try at photoshop, I need to up my skills but I am quite happy about the result.


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