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Taiwanese / Japanese Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Unlicensed 3D Boxes

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Taiwanese / Japanese Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Unlicensed 3D Boxes

Based on the official 3D boxes, this collection fills in some gaps where there were missing ones. This collection is meant to supplement the EmuMovies 3D set. One would have to believe that these weren't getting done by anyone else, so enjoy! Set includes unlicensed Taiwanese games, with one Japanese game (Dial Q o Mawase).

Rockman X3 (Taiwan) (En) (Unl).png

16 Zhang Mahjong II (Taiwan) (Unl).png

Zhan Qi Chinese Battle Chess (Taiwan) (Unl).png

Jiu Ji Ma Jiang II - Ye Yan Bian (Taiwan) (Unl).png

Meng Huan Shui Guo Pan - 777 Casino (Taiwan) (Unl).png

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    No-Intro 2019-05-01
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