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Nintendo Famicom Clear Logos Pack

EmuMovies Official Game Logos Pack for the Nintendo Famicom

Availability - Site, FTP & Sync



This set was already uploaded in HS, but wanted to upload it here as well for the EM users to enjoy.

There are a couple of variations on some for you to choose. Those have the text "ALT" at the end of their names.

During the time this set was built, there were new released translations for some games.
In case you want to review your list and add those games, here they are (logos for the below games are already present in this pack):

  • Super Xevious - Gump no Nazo (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Rampart (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Madoola no Tsubasa (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Ikki (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gomoku Narabe Renju (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Ganbare Goemon Gaiden - Kieta Ougon Kiseru (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gojira (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Gun Nac (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Hydlide 3 - Yami kara no Houmonsha (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Last Armageddon (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Saiyuuki World (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Sakigake!! Otoko Juku - Shippuu Ichi Gou Sei (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Tetsudou Ou - Famicom Boardgame (Japan) (Translated En)


Credits and special thanks goes to:

  • @Ray572,"Freddy Krueger" for some of the original logos and the HyperVault hosted ones.
  • @fire10, @klizine, @rodrigodn for providing Famicom box covers used as source and investigating meaning of confusing game titles :)  
  • @gamesmame, @Freestate for contributing with awesome wheels. Thank you guys!
  • To the rest of the users who joined and commented throughout the creation process.

Space Harrier (Japan).png

Moero TwinBee - Cinnamon Hakase o Sukue! (Japan).png

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    No-Intro / HyperBase
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