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Neo Geo Classic Marquees - Redone (Complete Collection 157 games)

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Neo Geo Classic Marquees - Redone (Complete Collection 157 games)

Neo Geo Classic Marquees - Redone (Complete Collection 157 games)

Redid all classic Neo Geo single mini marquee layout marquees as I saw some inconsistencies in style, resolution and colors across various sources plus various games where missing, thought it was a good idea to redo them to one complete collection. Feel free to use for your projects if you please.

1. Logo's and text are smooth in comparison to the classic Mr. Do (Not sure?) marquee versions

2. Added white border and drop shadow for placeholder Mini Marquee

3. Added bootlegs, unreleased, Japanese and rare game marquees

4. Includes custom, translations, reconstructed, fixed marquee artwork from various sources as well

5. All in same (classic single marquee) layout and resolution: 3840 x 1062 pixels

6. All manually color corrected, cleaned and fixes

7. 157 games + 1 default MVS Neo Geo marquee.


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