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NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack

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NEC PC Engine 3D Box Pack

Availability - Site, FTP, Sync

Hey guys!

This is the complete (I think) set of NEC PC Engine cases in 3D. 
Thank you @SupraKarma for your awesome japan jewel cases templates (black and white). I did some minor modifications over them, but the template base is all you my friend!
The 2D covers are originally from Tatsuya (from the Libretro forums), but I corrected some stuff in them and changed some color properties.

The set consists in black and white jewel cases (as the PC Engine games did not come in boxes like Turbografx-16).
The PC Engine games were produced in black jewel cases until the end of '91, and then started releasing in white cases. I reviewed the release date of each of the +300 games so the cases are accurate to it.

I must say that I was not able to find proper spine scans for each game, and I did not want to search for them one by one, so what I did is a similar process like I did for the Famicom 3D box set; I created a default spine, and the color of it is customized per game. 


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