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Video Discussion: Retro Style Spotlight [12-6-16] Nerdy Christmas Sweaters, Rayman SNES, Tales of Phantasia

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Name: Retro Style Spotlight [12-6-16] Nerdy Christmas Sweaters, Rayman SNES, Tales of Phantasia
Category: News and Entertainment
Date Added: 2016-12-11
Submitter: SentaiBrad

Today's edition of Retro Style Spotlight is a shorter one, but I talk about last weeks tutorial on Custom Configs in Retro Arch, some ugly, or amazing, Christmas sweaters crossed with nerdy and gaming culture to amaze or disgust you, and I showcase the original, long lost Rayman on the SNES.

The Retro Remix song of the week this week is titled Hero of Celceta, remixed by OceansAndrew and Scaredsim, based on Ys 4. The song is as epic as Falcom music usually is as well. This month in gaming is all about the original Tales of game, Tales of Phantasia and the game that started the hit JRPG series.

If you enjoyed this weeks RSS, then leave your comment below! Subscribe for more videos in the future as well.

Custom Config Tutorial: http://bit.ly/2fY92hM
Christmas Sweaters US: http://bit.ly/2g11Ixe
Christmas Jumpers UK: http://bit.ly/2h3URDT
Rayman SNES Article: http://bit.ly/2gWMGgl
Rayman SNES Unseen64: http://bit.ly/2g9vt2e
Ys 4 Remix Download: http://bit.ly/2gEtMdH
Ys 4 Remix Video: http://bit.ly/2h8NzTu
Tales of Phantasia: http://bit.ly/2gWGLbk

LaunchBox:           https://www.launchbox-app.com/
Our Patreon:          https://www.patreon.com/launchbox
Our Forums:          https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum
Our Twitter:           https://twitter.com/launchboxapp
Our Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/launchboxapp
Our Twitch:            https://www.twitch.tv/jasondavidcarr
Our Discord:          https://discord.gg/X3Cwsyw
Steam Group:       http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LaunchBox#
Brad's Channel:    https://www.youtube.com/SentaiBrad

Retro Style Spotlight [12-6-16] Nerdy Christmas Sweaters, Rayman SNES, Tales of Phantasia

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