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Downloading into existing mame\ folders, or separate EDS folders?

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It seems that when you specify a download folder, EDS creates two levels within it: a MAME folder, then a folder for the media it's downloading.

Can I just specify a top-level folder (c:\mame\marquees), without EDS inserting two folder levels when I sync?

I'm guessing the intent is that EDS downloads into its own separate set of folders, and then users map to those instead of c:\mame\marquees, c:\mame\snap, etc?

Maybe I've just missed something. Thanks very much!

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It downloads in its own folder, it's made to be very simple.  The real magic happens with the front ends that tie directly into our API and configure for their exact needs.

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Hi, I just got an (Lifetime/Platinum)-Account here and over there at HS. Syncing into HS/Media with HyperSync is great, but is there a way to sync into rocketlauncher/media? I downloaded backgrounds for MAME and they are all in one folder named after the game, but it should be a folder named by game with a file called "background". Is there a place in the forum that is about rocketlauncher/media and syncing?

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.


edit: Okay, found my answer on the ftp-Server. So this post could also been deleted.

Edited by snikt
Found my answer

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