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Video Discussion: RetroFE fully configured Download!


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how do you setup the rom to launch with the emulator i can launch my emulator but not the rom with emu using retrofe

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This original post is a few years old, so you might want to check the original website for answers if you haven't already. Here ya go: http://www.retrofe.nl/SMF/

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    • By phulshof
      I've uploaded a new modular RetroFE system to the EmuMovies FTP site, at /Official/Retro FE Media Pack
      While it contains a README.txt as well, a bit of explanation:
      - The RetroFE base xxx.zip file contains the base RetroFE installation for version xxx, with the latest executable. It's not very different from what you can find in the download section at RetroFE, except that it does not have the (nearly empty) Sega Genesis and Arcade collection.
      - The MAME 0.yyy emulator.zip file contains the MAME emulator installation for version yyy. All the collections currently in the set use MAME as their emulator, and the launchers all point to this installation.
      - The rest of the zip files contain collections, as complete as I have them, with launchers for Linux and Windows. Just unzip them in the RetroFE directory.
      - The emulators directory contains the MAME artwork (bezels), which can you simply drag and drop as a whole into your RetroFE directory. The MAME installation mentioned above will automatically use them.

      Basically, all you need to do is take the base (or use your own), unzip the MAME installation if you want, unzip the collections you want, add them to your Main collection's menu.txt file, add your games, and enjoy. The sets are mostly based on HyperSpin 1.0 XML files, so finding the corresponding games should be easy.
    • By hojo
      What program is used for making themes for retrofe or even hyperspin? I noticed that many of the themes for retroFE that I have been finding tend to be very simplistic or lack information I want to display.
      An example the publisher and developer of games are often different and I would like have the info available in picture form. (example, Donkey kong country was developed by Rare but published by nintendo).
    • By MastaHerba
      I've been trying to get the RetroFE launcher to work with RetroArch, but it still refuses to start the game, 
      I've tried looking in all the different configs and wiki's, but still with no difference... :'(
      The log from RetroFE shows that the game is found and launched, but RetroArch didn't show up, no errors or pop-ups.
      I'm new in the mame community so I don't know much yet abaout the programs, but i'll try my best to cooperate in every way possible! :)
      Thanks in advance!
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