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Marquee Magician

Marquee Magician is a program to display Images, HiToText, and/or Usage Statistics on a secondary monitor.

Before Using Marquee Magician:

You will need to download IrfanView, and put a copy of i_view32.exe into the Marquee Magician Folder.

After Irfanview has been installed, run Template Creator v2.0. (The setup program can be used on a system with only one monitor, however to be able to display the graphics in your FE, you will need two monitors.)

I have included a .pdf file with detailed instructions on the Template Creator program.

Marquee Magician Usage:

Marquee Magician is a command line program. Usage: C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Marquee Magician\Launch MM v2.0.exe "System" "[Rom]" where System is the name of your template, which can be found in the MM.ini file between []. EG. [Nintendo 64]

Example: (Using GameEx)

For Mame, Using 'Advanced Mame Settings (2) / Run on Launch' I have: "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "MAME Games" "[Rom]" and in the 'Run on Exit' I have: "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "GameEx"

I only have one parameter in the 'Run on exit' because I only display static images while in GameEx.

You can also use "C:\My Marquee Magician\Launch MM.exe" "Kill" to clear the screen, and not display additional images.

I have included my templates, MM.ini, and GameEx.ini for you to see how I set it up.

Composite Images:

Marquee Magician can merge multiple images into one image. To do this, first set up a template, and assign it to an emulator. Use {Ctrl}{PrintScreen} to select the composite image option. You will be asked to select an emulator, the location of your roms folder, and a folder to put the new images into. It takes about 2 seconds per image on my laptop to create an image.

The 3 Stooges image was created with Marquee Magician (the actual image quality is better, using the .png extension.)

This software is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license



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I am interested in creating an Marquee display that updates when selecting an arcade game in a frontend, particularly for MAME.

Has anyone created a Marquee display using LED tech, using a particular pitch, example P2.5 or similar, using display products from companies such as www.myled.cc or similar?

I am intrested to know what is the best vertical / horizontal resolution that should be used for a Marquee.

Be also intrested to know  if any one has also undertaken a LED marquee display too.

Look forward to you feedback.

Thanks inadvance.

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Also is this program been updated since 2010? And is there other alternative programs that do the same thing?

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