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Commodore Amiga Realistic Bezel for WinUAE 1.0.1

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About This File

These two bezels, which differ only in the glare effect activated or not, have been downloaded from the "TreyM's classic crt collection" (https://github.com/TreyM/classic-crt-collection) and modified by me with the addition of the floppy drive, the magazines of "The Games Machine" and the Zak McKracken poster. I also created a slight motion effect on the original poster on the right and applied some masking tape in both.
I also included in the archive a sample configuration for WinUAE and the "CRT-geom-curved.fx" filter to make the final effect like the one shown in the video below.


The 2 bezels are inside the "Plugins\overlays" folder, while the "CRT-geom-curved.fx" filter is located in "Plugins\filtershaders\direct3d".
Inside the "Configurations" folder you will find the example file "Amiga_Sample.uae.txt", do not use it directly with WinUAE, open your configuration file, or generate one, and replace the lines with the ones you find in the example file.


Video preview:


Bezel with glare effect:



Bezel without glare effect:


Edited by cnterr
Fixed config file for WinUAE, now with perfect aspect ratio and screen autocentering enabled.

What's New in Version 1.0.1


Fixed config file for WinUAE, now with perfect aspect ratio and screen autocentering enabled.

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