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The Silent Hills Project 1.0.0

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*I also have mint manuals of 3D Dot Game Heroes, Zoids: Legacy, Yager, Alien: Resurrection, Motor Toon Grand Prix, Nicktoons Racing, Codename: Tenka, etc.*

A while ago I did manage to get my hands on this collection of Silent Hill music. I mean to scan the artwork and discs of every one of them in at least 800 dpi PNGs on an Epson V39 and upload them on this site. Obviously I'll also upload the MP3 files at 320 KBPS as well. I need to replace my scanner with another that works before I can start anything, and I was given the advice to start a Patreon to help with that. So I did start a Patreon.

Donations are not at all necessary; I've been archiving for a year without them after all, but it would absolutely speed up the process by being able to procure the equipment. If you like my work and would like to throw me a dollar, it'd be appreciated.

I do own near mint copies of all the original Silent Hill games, Kings Field games, Resident Evil games, Dino Crisis games, etc., so you can look forward to crisp 800 dpi scans of their manuals eventually. I have no experience with Patreon, so please forgive any clumsiness. Anyway here's the link for your perusal:


Thank you.

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