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3DO Custom Covers 2d With/Without Spine 1.0.0

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4 Screenshots

Here you will find 154 covers for the 3DO in 2 flavours.

1: With Spine (3DO Custom.zip)

2: Without Spine (3DO No Spine.zip)

3: Templates To create New Or Missing Covers (Template.zip)

* Covers are .PNG format.*

* Covers are the following dimensions - (With Spine 1539x2156) (No Spine 1197x2156)*

* You will need Winrar, Winzip or 7-Zip to extract the ".zip" file you download containing the images. *

This took me several months of 16 plus hour days to complete. I don't have a clue what I'm doing and was high most of the time. I did this project because I wanted to do something special for my best friend. One of his favourite memories was renting a 3DO from a tiny corner store/video shop and playing Road Rash. Some of my fondest memories come from gaming as well. The images found were sources from all over the net. Many were pre-made covers that were found in various places. Many were from ebay amazon photos on blogs etc... A large bunch are also made from scratch to fill a void. Using skewed box images or multiple box pictures. A bunch of text I tried to recreate and some are my best shot at recreations. Some titles I could not source any good images for. This is NOT an accurate collection by any means. I hope you guys find this useful until someone is able to make a very nice accurate one. Please if you download this take a second to say Hi and comment.

Be safe all.


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