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Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0 2.3

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20 Screenshots

Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0

I was inspired by the Mame 3D Boxes by @Robin55 and @Reevesad and the work by @spycat and @MadK9

At first I experimented to convert Robin's work to a darker color as it fits my dark colored setup better, one thing let to another and was helped enormously by @Robin55 in the process of automation and more, if it wasn't for all his help and work this project wouldn't have happened, thanks again so much brother! \m/

The 3D boxes are mostly for the Mame set (could include other emulators as well) but only includes Arcade video games, no pinball, fruit machines and such.



Covers based on official flyers, instruction flyers or fan art, customized official artwork and more. I've hunted down previously artwork missing from databases and/or very rare flyers, original resolution of these images can be low some times.

  • Each box has a logo for the game, if it was missing I've hunted it down or extracted it from images (I upload these logos to the Launchbox database as well)
  • Each box has a logo of the company that either developed or published it (some flyers may have a different publisher from another region, bit confusing at times)
  • Each box is manually color corrected, cleaned and optimized
  • Some games have a second or more alternative version, made from cabinet side art, marquees or from a different region for example

Hope you like 🙂


Thanks go out to anyone contributing and making art for the launchbox games database as I coudn't have done it without this.

Thanks for any help, encouragement and advice:
@Robin55 @spycat @MadK9 @Reevesad @Kondorito @zetec-s-joe@fablog @mikty

Special thanks to:
@neil9000 and @Retro808 for those logistics  \m/


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