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FatMatch - File Renamer 0.3

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About This File

FatMatch is a renaming utility created by FatOne85. Fatmatch uses fuzzy logic to rename artwork and video files to match your rom set.

Some benefits over other similar software are:

- Immediate Progress Report on Fuzzy Matching

- Folder selection as opposed to list copy-pasting

- Treeview of results for easier match picking

- Software-controlled file renaming

What's New in Version 0.3


  • --------------------------------
  • Version 0.3 - March 01 2009
  • --------------------------------
  • - Tweaked match process
  • - Fixed list missing images bug (Value 101 Error)
  • - Fixed match results not displaying proper percentage
  • - Added "Export Copy Script" Option
  • --------------------------------
  • Version 0.2 - February 25 2009
  • --------------------------------
  • - Added "List Missing Images" Functionality
  • - Redesigned Match Scan layout
  • - Fixed Empty Folder Bug
  • - Fixed Rename Nothing Selected Bug
  • - Fixed Process Yielded No Results Bug
  • - Added "Select Best Matched" Option
  • - Added "Select Single Matches" Option
  • - Added "Highlight Range" Option
  • - Added "Collapse/Expand" Option
  • - Added functionality of highlighting duplicates
  • --------------------------------
  • Version 0.1.1 - February 18 2009
  • --------------------------------
  • - Fixed font resizing issue when using larger DPI
  • - Fixed listing results from highest to lowest percentage match
  • - Tweaked search algorithm for strings containing numbers
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User Feedback

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This utility may be old but it works perfectly on windows 10 in 2021 and does a great job. I was really impressed and it saved me a lot of time when compared to doing the renaming by hand. Most filenames were matched perfectly and only where there were several games in a series with the same name did I manually go in and make sure the right one was selected.  Thanks fatone85

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Just renamed about 300 snap files in a few minutes. Doing this manually would have taken forever. Fantastic software!!!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I've been using FatMatch for some time, it's an excellent tool for names and renaming as rom files, but I think Fatmatch should be modified to add a new option, once you use the Expand All option, you should have selected "Select All files, which not only changes the name of all images or videos, but also a word to change the name by mistake.

I think that doing a modification in FatMatch and creating the option "Select All Files" will be great to avoid possible errors and rename exactly all the files.

Another discovery:
When you have a large pack of roms with files with long numbers, the option "Try numbers As Roman Numerals" must be deactivated, since today I discovered that if it is activated, when you try to search and rename roms, if you have files with numbers very long, the search is blocked for a long time and never finish doing the process.

If you have files that contain very long numbers in the name, the solution is to disable the "Try numbers As Roman Numerals" option and the problem is solved.
Being able to create some option to rename or avoid files with more than 4 or 5 numbers in the file and avoid special characters could also be a huge solution for FatMatch.

The files that have 2 parentheses in the name or 2 rare or special characters followed in the file name also have problems with FatMatch but they are usually few files and can be easily renamed with some software to rename and remove special characters.

Huge thanks for this program, with just one retouching it would be the best.

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