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  4. And a bonus today with 1943: 1943.zip
  5. Here we go with 1942: 1942.zip
  6. ti99 game wheel art

    hi guys, can anyone help me find game name wheel art for the emu? one of the last ones i need to set up. thanks!
  7. Best emulator for each system?

    So has anyone mentioned RetroArch?
  8. Hello

  9. Spam on the 20th of september

    Get to the choppah if you want to live?
  10. Sup guys!

    I'm new as well, well not to emulation but to this glorious site.
  11. Best regards, my friends

    I second that.
  12. Most Played Game

    Mario Kart 64 Battle Mode, just saying.
  13. Bulzeeb from Bomberman: Second Attack.
  14. I have found my new home! YAY! :-D

    I love me some PS2 and GameCube emulation.
  15. Super Mario RPG 2, am I the only one?

    A man can only dream.
  16. Steam Link on sale (cheap as chips)

    I think I'm late for the chips. Damn.
  17. Retro-friends, do read this book

    What's this reading people talk of? I might just have to practice with this.
  18. LaunchBox and RetroFE theme?

    Started using Launch box, didn't know it existed but damn it's pretty sweet I must say. Synced it with google and now I can get my games and saves any where I go. Badassness right there.
  19. Last week
  20. Today's arcade machine is Burgertime: btimem.zip
  21. Game, Set and Match

    Currently this tool works??
  22. My Next Project...

    Yes. I have the Unofficial Dreamcast lists for the USA, Europe and Japanese releases. I am up to letter "F" now and I already have 283 covers - all are 600x600 minimum. I am also doing all versions of the covers, including limited editions and budget covers. I'm kinda burned out a bit so I'm taking a break for a few weeks and working on my MAME arcade bezels which I have been releasing daily in the Artwork forum. I'll go back to doing the Dreamcast covers in a little while. And you're right - it is a kind of massive undertaking, but in the end it will be worth it - there are well over 1000 covers!
  23. Today's arcade machine is Gyruss: gyrussce.zip
  24. MAME Video Snaps (Pack 5)

    excelentes videos!! saludos desde Perú
  25. I've uploaded a couple dozen rom hacks to the ftp server under a folder "BoxDrop Hack Requests". Is there anyone who would be willing and able to make videos for any of them?
  26. Most Played Game

    Probably sports games and Battlefield 2. I usually don't finish adventures and RPGs, i try to collect everything from the beginning and then get bored before the end. I really have to set myself to enjoy the story instead of getting 100% completion...
  27. Retro-friends, do read this book

    There was also a documentary on NetFlix (i think, could be Youtube as well) which covered the Commodore story. I generally prefer reading over watching video, but with computers and consoles, i prefer video (as long as they show gameplay and old ads and stuff).
  28. Experienced the same, it will probably work for slow games where timing is not important, but even football (soccer) games are too fast (also hard wired). I did get better results with Steam In-Home streaming to the living room PC though. But even my Android tablet with remote desktop produced better results than the Steam Link...
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