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  1. EmuMovies is an awesome community comprised of makes and types.  A place where you can help others, and if you are in a jam you can be guaranteed someone else will be able to help you.  It is a very warm and welcoming community.

    Tragically Geek 10-02-2017
  2. I've been an Emumovies member for many years and truly appreciate the amount of work that goes into making the video snaps. If you consider the amount of systems and games out there then you'll realise it's a work of love and dedication to produce such high quality video snaps.

    Certainly enhances any compatible front end.
    Gigapig 17-10-2016
  3. Cool way to help the arcade bring its life back thanks emumovies
    OG_Bacsey 23-09-2016
  4. Anybody into retro gaming the end of your journey has arrived.

    When dealing with reference and data based items you always have a gazillion websites posting crap from a billion sources just so they can grab traffic. We call them "hit machines". Then you got those rare few that actually give a crap about what they post and are dedicated to quality and accuracy because they're dedicated to the lifestyle. 10 years of retro gaming on and off because the sea was endless. Then I finally find Hyperspin and EmuMovies. Well, look no further because land ho!! This is definitely the one-stop final stop to all your frontend needs.
    laz223 22-09-2016
  5. EmuMovies is coolest web site i have ever seen poeple are frendly and helpfull its the please to find all your needs They offer so much great content thanks to the crew for there time and hard work.
    3Doorsdown 13-08-2016
  6. EmuMovies is the best way to get your front-end arcade looking and feeling amazing. Ive been a member sense 2011 and i have to say there are no other sites out there that offer everything for your arcade in one place. ive had hyperspin from the beginning and i've always had to make my own videos. when i found out about EmuMovies it was the coolest thing i ever saw no doubt, plz everyone try the site its Amazing.
    acidfire4993 13-08-2016
  7. EmuMovies is the bomb diggity, our frontend setups would be lame with out all of their video previews
    keep up the good work :]
    xALPHAxOMEGAx 01-08-2016
  8. So I’m new here and already my Frontend game browsing experience has improved 10 fold!

    Now I can browse all the games I have and be immersed in everything that game involves, video clips artwork and more that highlight games I never new I wanted to play.

    Well worth getting signed up here. You cannot beat the quality and convenience this place gives you access to
    thatman84 (Toby) 31-07-2016
  9. If you want to thoroughly complete your front-end setup you will need all the eye candy you can get you hands on! This is your one stop shop for anything video, box art, cartridge/disc art, screenshot related! When i realized I could get everything in a centralized location, I Immediately got an account and have never looked back!
    Steve aka Iggy 31-07-2016
  10. I first came across EmuMovies while looking for videos to include in my HyperSpin setup when I first started out with emulation and front ends. I thought this was just a site for videos until I started browsing the site and saw all of the bezels, box and cart art, manuals, and other media that made my RocketLauncher setup shine.

    All of the stuff here is high quality and all of the media contributors here are always pumping out new stuff. I have many different front ends installed on my machines and without the media from here they would be dull and not look nearly as good as they do. So hats off to Circo and all of the guys who create the media found here! I would definitely recommend the site to anyone who is looking for media to use in their frontends,
    agent47 30-07-2016
  11. EmuMovies has been around for years and has been my only Source for High Quality Video Snaps and Artwork. It has been a one stop shop for me as I have been a member since 2009. EmuMovies is the #1 content site for arcade Frontends. If you want the best and want it to be a one stop shop EmuMovies is the Source!!!!!
    David Snyder Aka Koolbrez67 30-07-2016
  12. Love this site...mostly use it for game videos for my hyperspin setups. When I started to build my first setup back in 2012 I learned about this site and immediately became a supporting member, worth every cent many times over. Thanks for a great site and great content! -JayC
    JayC 30-07-2016
  13. EmuMovies has offered so much great content! With the many choices and the download application that makes this even easier. I am so glad that I was able to find this site! I look forward to using this site for many projects I want to do. Thanks again for such a great site and resource!
    Robert Burgess 29-07-2016