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  1. Where is a good place to find alternative Fades for RocketLauncher? Also where can I learn how to make or edit fades?
  2. I was inspired by some of John.Merrit's overlays in the overlays section of the libretro forum (which have a nice screen glare effect that really brings out the curvature of the crt) and decided to add some screen glare to the console overlays in this thread. Im not great with image editing and couldn't figure out how to make my own glare from scratch, but I was able to rip the glare from John.Merrit's JVC tv overlays and insert it into these ones.
  3. Yes, in the n64.cfg file that you uploaded with the overlay change one line overlay0_full_screen = false to overlay0_full_screen = true Yes the settings I posted were from my genesis config. If you set retroarch to use per-core configs you can change each systems settings individually.
  4. ahh, lol I completely missed that he was asking about the handhelds. I have yet to try any of the handheld overlays, I don't have any handheld roms yet. Same Idea though, unless they just line up by default when using integer scaling.
  5. If your on a 1080p monitor or tv and set 4:3 aspec ratio the console ones almost line up (especially with lottes crt shader which curves the screen a bit), but the actual tv bezel part of the overlay covers the edges a little. I was fine with that so I just set the overlay opacity to 100% and forgot about it. I tried playing around with the custom viewport width and height settings to get it lined up better but nothing seemed to change no matter what I set. EDIT: I figure it out.. The only way to make custom viewport settings take effect is to set the Aspect Ratio to custom. Here are my current settings (Im using a 1080p tv with lottes crt shader). Attached is an image with the overlay opacity at 25% so its easy to see where the actual edges of the rendered game are compared to the overlay. In video settings Aspect Ratio Index: Custom Custom Viewport X: 281 Custom Viewport Y: 25 Custom Viewport Width: 1356 Custom Viewport Height: 1018
  6. There are scanline overlays in retroarch, but you can also use crt shaders (.cg or .glsl). The shaders generally look more authentic, but are also more resource intensive, so depending on your hardware overlays might be the better option. You could always combine the scanline overlays with these overlays in photoshop or gimp..
  7. I was having this same problem three or four days ago, Im not sure what caused it but I fixed it by clearing the cookies in my browser
  8. I was trying to formulate a good response to this yesterday but gave up, you sumed up my thoughts perfectly :)
  9. Very nice :) I wish I had room for one of these. Somehow I don't think it would go over too well if I set one up on the kitchen counter...
  10. Retroarch is entirely controlled with a gamepad and has an snes9x core, it also has cores for most other popular emulators and works well with launchbox (or any launcher really)
  11. XP was great, and still can be great for anything offline, but its not a good idea to use an end of life OS on the internet. Security holes are no longer being patched, hackers know this focus their efforts to target machines still running xp. For an emulation box it might not be a big deal, but at the very least any accounts you have access to with said machines are at risk (or accounts that share those login credentials). Also a high chance of being infected (keyloggers, bitcoin miners, etc..) which could negatively impact performance, or maybe even becoming a zombie on a botnet and negatively affecting other people.
  12. I'm not sure if there is a better method, but I use a tool called FuzzyRename
  13. Duke Nukem, hail to the king baby!