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  1. View File Super Nintendo 3D Box Pack (DVD) 3D Boxes (DVD Case) for the Super Nintendo Submitter Bigby Submitted 01/09/2011 Category Artwork Resolution 296x246 Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 762  
  2. ColecoVision 3D Box Pack (DVD Case) View File Naming Convention: No-Intro / HyperBase Resolution(s): 228x328 Format: PNG File Count: 201 Submitter Bigby Submitted 01/17/2011 Category Artwork Resolution 228x328 Credits Bigby Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 201  
  3. View File Intellivision 3D Box Pack (DVD Case) Naming Convention: No-Intro / HyperBase Resolution(s): 226x328 Format: PNG File Count: 159 Submitter Bigby Submitted 09/04/2011 Category Artwork Resolution 226x328 Credits Bigby Naming Convention No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 159  
  4. Master System 3D Box Pack (DVD) View File Naming Convention: HyperList 1.1/No-Intro Resolution(s): 224x328 Format: PNG File Count: 321 Submitter Bigby Submitted 01/19/2011 Category Artwork Resolution 224x328 Credits Bigby Naming Convention HyperList 1.1 File Count 321  
  5. Version 20160301


    File Count: 82 File Format: PNG Naming Convention: HyperBase 1.2/No-Intro
  6. Version 20160228


    High Quality 480p Video Snaps Also Available Technical Specs Video Count: 447 Typical Duration: 30sec Video Codec: h.264 MP4 AVC Resolutions: 320x240 (SQ-240p) Frame Rates: 60 Audio Codec: AAC (mp4a) Channels: Stereo Bitrate: 128 kbs (var) Sample Rate: 48000 Hz Naming Convention: HyperBase / No-Intro
  7. I believe that mosts sets are named based on no-intro sets The dats can be downloaded here - Some computer sets may be using TOSEC naming as you mention -
  8. Amazing! Thank You!
  9. The video name matches the game name, as do the screenshots and box art and cart images. There is no change in the video area of the frontend when I select a game in the rom list. One other thing I noticed is that the scaled option for cart images isn't working (the image is always tiny no matter which percentage I choose). Don't know if you are already aware of this or not. The scaled option for box art does work.
  10. Yes, MP4 extension is selected.
  11. GameEx recently added support for mp4 under windows 8, so it should be possible.
  12. I've been trying this out on windows 8... The mp4 videos are not showing up for me. Before I go ahead and install some codecs... can Retro Suite somehow display these videos without any additional codecs? (Windows 8 plays the mp4 videos) The system icons and images weren't displayed at first. I had to go into - RetroSuite\Data\systems and edit the ini files to use the path where I have Retro Suite installed. (It had your paths still) I've had no trouble launching roms. So far I have setup Master System and MAME. However I'm Having some difficulty launching/mounting CD images for Amiga CD32 and Playstation. (specifically CD images that are cue/bin)
  13. This looks very nice, especially with the custom background elements. I like that you have support for merged roms and video previews as well. I'd be very interested in trying this out!
  14. Which Amiga Demos set are these for? I have the Amiga DemoBase set, but that has around 18k demos!