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  1. Done. Thank you!
  2. Made the 40 second videos for each game, converted to MP4 but... Media don´t show on Hyperspin. Damn.
  3. I *THINK* I got it, just managed to create an AVI for 2nd Space, straight from MESS. Let´s see...
  4. Gentlemen, There are 9 game videos already available for Mega Duck / Cougar Boy. Since the complete set is just 14 games long we are missing only 5 games. The missing game videos are: - 2nd Space - Bomb Disposer - Magic Maze - Trap and Turn - Vex Anyone would happen to have them? I´d surely appreciate it. I´m already working on cart and game box artwork sets. As soon as they´re ready I´ll upload them. Thank you in advance.
  5. Version 20151013


    Atari 2600 2D Cartridge Pack Technical Specs Image Count: 648 File Format: PNG Thanks to AtariAge for most of these scans