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  1. Awesome! Te envidio, Ojalá tuviera tanto espacio como tú
  2. +1 I would be very interested in this.
  3. You are right, at least in the site, the pack shows only shows 138 files, even though the info panel shows "File count: 277". Strange
  4. By applying filters you get a more true result to the original image than without shaders and scanlines. Can be seen as a way to get as close as possible to the use of a real CRT monitor.
  5. I think they are the future, but they still have a long way to go. For example in NewRetroArcade you cannot even emulate something as simple as genesis.
  6. I didn't know about that, Thank you!
  7. +1, as Peacefullydisturbed said storage is cheap nowadays and IMO there is no point in zipping files and having to deal with clean extracted files and other sort of problems.
  8. Streets of Rage 2, all sonic games, Gunstar Heroes... just a few examples of the many awesome soundtracks from the sega mega drive.
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm not exactly new but I think that my launchbox setup will increase my activity over here in the near future
  10. I am not sure, but I would say test drive in CGA colours, something like this: (hear the awesome intro music )
  11. Hola from spain!
  12. Shaders only affect the emulator image, not the overlays. About using overlays in RA, in this article you can find how they work and how to configure them: Basically you must copy the image and .cfg files somewhere into your Retroarch folder \ Overlays, and then select cfg file through settings tab in Retroarch.