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  1. Ah, yes, sorry about that. :) We had a huge flood of spam lately, so I'm manually checking all applications to reduce that problem. I've just approved your account.
  2. You should probably post these things on the forums at That said: I read in your log that you call retroarch directly with the romname. I've never used retroarch myself, but if it's anything like MAME, you'll need to tell retroarch which system the rom should be run on. Any retroarch user should be able to tell you how to do that; unfortunately I'm not one of them. [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. RetroFE is cross platform, including Linux... Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. Sure, just check You can find documentation there, but also a download of the front-end itself to play around with. Membership here is only needed if you want the movies and/or the art sets. What's on the FTP is just a convenience, not a requirement to use RetroFE. :)
  5. I could try to whip up some art renaming scripts on Linux if that would be useful. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. mame64.exe a5200 -cart path_to_rom Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. I take it that MAME for Android does not accept direct rom calls like regular MAME? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Not yet, but I will ask on the forums. Since I don't use Windows myself, I've got everything set up without RocketLauncher. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. I'd like to start with a small correction in your story: RetroFE has recently moved to a new domain while we handle the .com domain name transfer, but it is actively being developed at As for your question: There are numerous reasons for the situation being as it is: 1. This is a hobby. People are spending hundreds if not thousands of hours building this stuff for free, but the cost of hosting this material is quite high. While I would love to see this art material distributed for free via torrents, that's up to the people who spent the hours creating it. 2. Most front-ends are free, and the developers work on it in their spare time (LB/BB is an exception). In general it's a very small group doing all the work, and they may burn out after a while or life gets in the way. That's why I'm happy that RetroFE is F/OSS, so when Emb could not find the time to work on it anymore I was able to take over, and if I ever were to quit, someone else can take over from me. In general though: this hobby thrives on the community, so if e.g. the installation instructions are bad: please step up, and write better ones. :) We need people like Simply Austin, who help making using front-ends and emulators easier. 3. I've never used RocketLauncher, so I can't help you there. I know several people have set it up though, and perhaps I can persuade them to write a guide or offer a downloadable setup. I will happily host such a setup; I just won't distribute other people's work without their permission. That's why the RetroFE modular setup is available from the EmuMovies FTP site. As for investing 100 USD: if you can get someone to set it up for you for that price: do it. :) If I add all the hours I've spent on this hobby, and charge my hourly rate, the cost runs into the tens of thousands... It also depends on what you're looking for: setting up a single (MAME?) system is quick and easy; setting up 100s of complete systems with full art takes time. If you're just looking for help setting something up: feel free to ask. I'm generally quite helpful in that regard. :)
  10. While I agree that working together would be a great thing (which is why RetroFE is F/OSS after all), there are a few issues here: 1. Not everyone's using Windows. Most of the tools you mentioned, like RocketLauncher, are great, but are also not cross-platform. That's why RetroFE allows interfacing with RocketLauncher, but will also function fine without it. 2. The same thing goes for bezels. RocketLauncher is great for that purpose as well, but since I don't use Windows I have to use MAME bezels in stead. It's a lot of duplicate work, but I don't see a direct solution for it. 3. From what I understand, both HyperSpin and EmuMovies already offer/work on an API that can be used by 3rd party developers to download the media for a front-end. I haven't had time yet to look at them, but it's on the bucket list. IMHO, a single point on-line library would be every better though. 4. There's a few front-ends currently in active development, but they don't serve the same audience, nor do they share a common development system. LB/BB for example uses a purchase system to allow its developer to work full-time on the closed source Windows program. RetroFE is multi-platform and F/OSS, which also means it's a spare-time shared (recently a few new programmers started helping me out) development. That said: there's quite a bit of working together going on behind the scenes. I'm working quite closely with the HyperSpin community to prevent a lot of double work, and I'm also in contact with the trurip group to support their current release plans. There should be some interesting results coming from that angle before too long. :)
  11. Both; Aeon Nox is the default RetroFE theme these days, so it's included in the base package on EmuMovies as well as part of the full download in the download section of This download section also contains additional themes you can use.
  12. Looks good; would you mind if I converted it to MAME .lay format, and included it in my MAME bezel set?
  13. You're welcome. :) Let me know if you run into any trouble.
  14. I'm not 100% sure how LaunchBox organises its artwork to be honest, since I'm not a user myself, but I think it should not be too hard to transfer. Using RocketLauncher, you could even easily set it up to use the same launching mechanisms. It's a bit of work, but I think you should be able to point your RetroFE collection paths towards a LB setup to use the same directories; perhaps LB will allow something similar in reverse as well. I know there are people that use RetroFE and HyperSpin in that way (someone even wrote a script to automatically point your RetroFE collections towards a HyperSpin install if I recall correctly); using a single set of art, videos, roms, and RocketLauncher setup with both front-ends (mostly people who already had a full HyperSpin setup, and wanted to try out RetroFE).
  15. This site is currently the only one providing videos for emulation front-ends that I know of (other than the MAME set at PD), so IMHO a membership here is certainly worth it no matter which front-end you're using. I'm not sure how LB/BB handles their video downloads; whether you need a membership here or not, but my guess is that you do (anyone care to chip in?), in which case it will come in handy either way. Another community to keep in mind is the HyperSpin community; they provide quite a bit of the additional artwork used in front-ends, and you can find a lot of material in their download section. Even then, it's quite a lot of work getting a front-end all set up and ready; hence my modular system upload. It should save you quite a bit of time getting certain systems complete and up and running. I guess it depends a bit on which systems you're most interested in. :)