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  2. View File Wii U Covers Only Disney Infinity 3.0 missing. I cannot find a high res image. Submitter mccorkled Submitted 12/15/2016 Category Boxes Resolution 768x1080 Naming Convention Game Name (Region).png Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 158  
  3. Missing: Sea Bass Fishing (Europe) Space Invaders (Japan) Street Racer (Europe) Strikers 1945 (Japan) Swagman (Europe) Thunder Force V (Japan) Trash It (Europe) Virtual Golf (Europe) VR Virtua Racing (USA) WarCraft II - The Dark Saga (USA) Whizz (Europe) Wing Arms (USA) Winning Post (USA) Winter Heat (USA) WipEout (USA) WipEout 2097 (Europe) World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (USA) World League Soccer '98 (Europe) World Series Baseball '98 (USA) World Series Baseball (USA) World Series Baseball II (USA) Worldwide Soccer - Sega International Victory Goal Edition (USA) Worms (USA) WWF In Your House (USA) WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game (USA) X-Men - Children of the Atom (USA) Z (Europe)
  4. Missing: Parodius (Europe) Rise 2 - Resurrection (USA) Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Europe) (Disc 1) Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Europe) (Disc 2) Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Europe) (Disc 3) Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Europe) (Disc 4)
  5. Missing: Hebereke's Popoitto (Europe) Jewels of the Oracle (Europe) Jonah Lomu Rugby (Europe) Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Europe) King of Fighters '95, The (Europe) Krazy Ivan (Europe) Machine Head (USA) Madden NFL 97 (USA) Madden NFL 98 (USA) Magic Carpet (USA) Mega Man X3 (Europe) Mighty Hits (Europe)
  6. Missing: 3D Lemmings (Europe) Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams... (USA) Darius Gaiden (USA) Darius II (Europe) Dark Legend (USA) Dark Savior (USA) Darklight Conflict (USA) Daytona USA (USA) Daytona USA - Championship Circuit Edition (USA) Dead or Alive (Japan) Decathlete (USA) Deep Fear (Europe) (Disc 1) Deep Fear (Europe) (Disc 2) Defcon 5 (USA) Destruction Derby (Europe) Die Hard Arcade (USA) Discworld (Europe) Discworld II - Missing, presumed... ! (Europe) DonPachi (Japan)
  7. Missing: Addams Family, The (Europe) Aladdin (Europe) Alien Storm (Europe) American Baseball (Europe) American Pro Football (Europe) Andre Agassi Tennis (Europe) Assault City (Europe) (Light Phaser) Astro Warrior & Pit Pot (Europe) Basket Ball Nightmare (Europe) Battle Out Run (Europe) Bonanza Bros. (Europe) Bram Stoker's Dracula (Europe) California Games II (Europe) Championship Hockey (Europe) Chuck Rock (Europe) Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Europe) Danan - The Jungle Fighter (Europe) Desert Strike (Europe) Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (Europe) Dynamite Duke (Europe) Dynamite Dux (Europe) Ecco the Dolphin (Europe) F1 (Europe) Fire & Forget II (Europe) Flash, The (Europe) Flintstones, The (Europe) Forgotten Worlds (Europe) G-LOC Air Battle (Europe) Gain Ground (Europe) George Foreman's KO Boxing (Europe) GP Rider (Europe) Hang-On & Astro Warrior (USA) Heavyweight Champ (Europe) Heroes of the Lance (Europe) Home Alone (Europe) Incredible Crash Dummies, The (Europe) Incredible Hulk, The (Europe) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe) James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA) Laser Ghost (Europe) Lemmings (Europe) Line of Fire (Europe) Marble Madness (Europe) Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting & Safari Hunt (Europe) Master of Darkness (Europe) Masters of Combat (Europe) Mercs (Europe) Mortal Kombat II (Europe) Ms. Pac-Man (Europe) New Zealand Story, The (Europe) Operation Wolf (Europe) Ottifants, The (Europe) PGA Tour Golf (Europe) Populous (Europe) Power Strike II (Europe) Predator 2 (Europe) Prince of Persia (Europe) Psychic World (Europe) Putt & Putter (Europe) Rampart (Europe) Renegade (Europe) Road Rash (Europe) RoboCop 3 (Europe) Running Battle (Europe) Scramble Spirits (Europe) Sega Chess (Europe) Sega World Tournament Golf (Europe) Sensible Soccer (Europe) Shadow Dancer (Europe) Simpsons, The - Bart vs. The Space Mutants (Europe) Smurfs, The (Europe) Sonic Chaos (Europe) Sonic Spinball (Europe) Space Gun (Europe) Special Criminal Investigation (Europe) Speedball (Europe) (Virgin) Speedball 2 (Europe) Streets of Rage II (Europe) Strider II (Europe) Summer Games (Europe) Super Kick Off (Europe) Super Off Road (Europe) Super Smash T.V. (Europe) Super Space Invaders (Europe) T2 - The Arcade Game (Europe) Taito Chase H.Q. (Europe) Taz-Mania (Europe) Tecmo World Cup '93 (Europe) Tennis Ace (Europe) Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Europe) Terminator, The (Europe) Ultimate Soccer (Europe) Wimbledon (Europe) Wimbledon II (Europe) Winter Olympics - Lillehammer '94 (Europe) Wonder Boy in Monster World (Europe) World Class Leader Board (Europe) World Cup Italia '90 (Europe) World Cup USA 94 (Europe) World Games (Europe) WWF Wrestlemania - Steel Cage Challenge (Europe) Xenon 2 - Megablast (Europe) (Virgin) Zool - Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension (Europe)
  8. Missing: 90 Minutes - Sega Championship Football (Europe) Aqua GT (Europe) Border Down (Japan) Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan) Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan) Castle Shikigami 2 (Japan) Chaos Field (Japan) Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (Japan) Dance Dance Revolution Club Mix (Japan) European Super League (Europe) Exhibition of Speed (Europe) F1 Racing Championship (Europe) Fighting Vipers 2 (Europe) Frame Gride (Japan) Giant Gram - All-Japan Pro Wrestling 2 (Japan) Giant Gram 2000 - All-Japan Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan) Giant Killers (Europe) Guilty Gear X (Japan) GunLord (World) Headhunter (Europe) (Disc 1) Headhunter (Europe) (Disc 2) Ikaruga (Japan) Karous (Japan) King of Fighters 2000, The (Japan) King of Fighters 2001, The (Japan) King of Fighters 2002, The (Japan) L.O.L. - Lack of Love (Japan) Macross M3 (Japan) Moho (Europe) Neo Golden Logres (Japan) New Japan Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden 4 (Japan) Plus Plum (Japan) Pro Pinball Trilogy (Europe) Propeller Arena (World) Psyvariar 2 - The Will to Fabricate (Japan) Puyo Puyo 4 (Japan) Puyo Puyo Da! (Japan) Puyo Puyo Fever (Japan) Radirgy (Japan) Rainbow Cotton (Japan) Sega Tetris (Japan) Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Europe) Shenmue II (Europe) (Disc 1) Shenmue II (Europe) (Disc 2) Shenmue II (Europe) (Disc 3) Space Channel 5 Part 2 (Japan) Stunt GP (Europe) Sturmwind (Europe) Super Euro Soccer 2000 (Japan) Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X (Japan) Super Street Fighter 2 X (Japan) Tetris 4D (Japan) Trigger Heart Exelica (Japan) Trizeal (Japan) Twinkle Star Sprites (Japan) UEFA Striker (Europe) Under Defeat (Japan) Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service (Japan) Virtua Cop 2 (Japan) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Europe) Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1 (Japan) Zero Gunner 2 (Japan) Zusar Vasar (Japan)
  9. Is there an actual manual for Skeetshoot? I don't understand how it is or became a single piece of paper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Missing: Double Dragon NFL Football Raiden Tournament Cyberball 2072
  11. Missing: Akira (Europe) Alfred Chicken (Europe) Alien Breed '92 Special Edition & Qwak (Europe) Alien Breed - Tower Assault (Europe) Alien Breed 3D (Europe) Amiga CD32 Sports Football (Europe) Arabian Nights (Europe) Arcade Pool (Europe) ATR - All Terrain Racing (Europe) Base Jumpers (Europe) Battle Chess (Europe) Beneath A Steel Sky (Europe) Benefactor (Europe) Big 6, The (Europe) Black Viper (Europe) Brian the Lion (Europe) Brutal - Paws of Fury (Europe) Bubble And Squeak (Europe) Cedric And The Lost Sceptre (Europe) Chambers of Shaolin (Europe) Chaos Engine, The (Europe) Classic Lotus Trilogy, The (Europe) Clockwiser (Europe) Clue!, The (Europe) Dangerous Streets & Wing Commander (Europe) Dangerous Streets (Europe) Death Mask (Europe) Deep Core (Europe) Defender of the Crown II (Europe) Dennis (Europe) Diggers & Oscar (Europe) Diggers (Europe) Disposable Hero (Europe) Donk! - The Samurai Duck! (Europe) Emerald Mines (Europe) Exile (Europe) Fears (Europe) Fields of Glory (Europe) Fightin' Spirit (Europe) Final Gate, The (Europe) Fireforce (Europe) Fly Harder (Europe) Frontier - Elite II (Europe) Fury of the Furries (Europe) Gamers' Delight (Europe) Gulp! (Europe) Gunship 2000 (Europe) Heimdall 2 - Into The Hall Of Worlds (Europe) HeroQuest II - Legacy Of Sorasil (Europe) Humans 1 & 2, The (Europe) Humans 3 - Evolution - Lost In Time... (Europe) Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (Europe) International Open Golf Championship (Europe) James Pond 3 - Operation Starfi5h (Europe) Jetstrike (Europe) John Barnes European Football (Europe) Jungle Strike (Europe) Kang Fu (Europe) Kid Chaos (Europe) Kingpin - Arcade Sports Bowling (Europe) Labyrinth of Time, The (Europe) Last Ninja 3 (Europe) Lemmings (Europe) Manchester United - Premier League Champions (Europe) Marvin's Marvellous Adventure (Europe) Mean Arenas (Europe) Mitre Soccer Superstars (Europe) Morph (Europe) Myth - History in the Making (Europe) Nick Faldos Championship Golf (Europe) Nigel Mansell's World Championship (Europe) PGA European Tour (Europe) Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch (Europe) Pinball Fantasies (Europe) Pinball Illusions (Europe) Pinball Prelude (Europe) Pinocchio (Europe) Pirates! Gold (Europe) Power Drive (Europe) Premiere (Europe) Prey - An Alien Encounter (Europe) Project-X & F17 Challenge (Europe) Project-X & Ultimate Body Blows (Europe) Quik The Thunder Rabbit (Europe) Rise of the Robots (Europe) Sabre Team (Europe) Sensible Soccer - International Edition (Europe) Seven Gates of Jambala, The (Europe) Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (Europe) Sleepwalker (Europe) Soccer Kid (Europe) Speris Legacy, The (Europe) Star Crusader (Europe) Striker (Europe) Strip Pot (Europe) Subwar 2050 (Europe) Summer Olympix (Europe) Super League Manager (Europe) Super Methane Bros (Europe) Super Stardust (Europe) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Europe) Superfrog (Europe) Surf Ninjas (Europe) Syndicate (Europe) Theme Park (Europe) Thomas The Tank Engine's Pinball (Europe) Trivial Pursuit - The CD32 Edition (Europe) Trolls (Europe) Ultimate Body Blows (Europe) Ultimate Super Skidmarks (Europe) Universe (Europe) Vital Light (Europe) Wembley International Soccer (Europe) Whizz (Europe) Wild Cup Soccer (Europe) Will Bridge - Initiation Junior (Europe) Worms (Europe) Zool 2 (Europe)
  12. Missing: Ballistix (USA) Bloody Wolf (USA) Bomberman '93 (USA) Bonk III - Bonk's Big Adventure (USA) Cadash (USA) Champions Forever Boxing (USA) Chew Man Fu (USA) Cratermaze (USA) Cyber Core (USA) Dead Moon (USA) Deep Blue (USA) Double Dungeons - W (USA) Drop.Off (USA) Ghost Manor (USA) Gunboat (USA) Hit the Ice - VHL the Official Video Hockey League (USA) Impossamole (USA) Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (USA) Legend of Hero Tonma (USA) Legendary Axe, The (USA) Magical Chase (USA) Military Madness (USA) Neutopia II (USA) Night Creatures (USA) Ninja Spirit (USA) Ordyne (USA) Pac-Land (USA) Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubble Bobble III (USA) Psychosis (USA) R-Type (USA) Raiden (USA) Samurai-Ghost (USA) Sinistron (USA) Soldier Blade (USA) Somer Assault (USA) Space Harrier (USA) Super Star Soldier (USA) Super Volleyball (USA) TaleSpin (USA) Tiger Road (USA) Time Cruise (USA) Timeball (USA) Tricky Kick (USA) TV Sports Basketball (USA) World Sports Competition (USA) Yo, Bro (USA)
  13. I believe Skeetshoot and Enforcer are not the correct manuals.
  14. Missing: Battle Spheres Gold Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls Total Carnage
  15. Missing: AeroFighters Assault (USA) Air Boarder 64 (Europe) All Star Tennis '99 (USA) All-Star Baseball 2001 (USA) Asteroids Hyper 64 (USA) Bassmasters 2000 (USA) Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (USA) Battlezone - Rise of the Black Dogs (USA) Big Mountain 2000 (USA) Blues Brothers 2000 (USA) Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack! (USA) Bomberman Hero (USA) Bottom of the 9th (USA) Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (USA) Buck Bumble (USA) Bust-A-Move '99 (USA) Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (USA) Carmageddon 64 (USA) Centre Court Tennis (Europe) Chameleon Twist 2 (USA) Charlie Blast's Territory (USA) Clay Fighter - Sculptor's Cut (USA) Cruis'n Exotica (USA) CyberTiger (USA) Dark Rift (USA) Deadly Arts (USA) Destruction Derby 64 (USA) Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (USA) Dual Heroes (USA) Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck (USA) Earthworm Jim 3D (USA) Elmo's Number Journey (USA) F-1 World Grand Prix II (Europe) F1 Pole Position 64 (USA) F1 Racing Championship (Europe) FIFA - Road to World Cup 98 (USA) FIFA 99 (USA) FIFA Soccer 64 (USA) Fighter Destiny 2 (USA) Fighters Destiny (USA) Fighting Force 64 (USA) Flying Dragon (USA) Fox Sports College Hoops '99 (USA) Golden Nugget 64 (USA) Harvest Moon 64 (USA) Hercules - The Legendary Journeys (USA) Hexen (USA) Hydro Thunder (USA) Iggy's Reckin' Balls (USA) In-Fisherman - Bass Hunter 64 (USA) Indy Racing 2000 (USA) International Superstar Soccer '98 (USA) International Superstar Soccer 64 (USA) Jeopardy! (USA) Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (USA) John Romero's Daikatana (USA) Madden NFL 99 (USA) Magical Tetris Challenge (USA) Mia Hamm Soccer 64 (USA) Mike Piazza's StrikeZone (USA) Monaco Grand Prix (USA) NBA Courtside 2 featuring Kobe Bryant (USA) NBA in the Zone '99 (USA) NBA in the Zone 2000 (USA) NBA Jam 2000 (USA) NFL Blitz - Special Edition (USA) NHL Blades of Steel '99 (USA) NHL Breakaway 99 (USA) Nuclear Strike 64 (USA) Off Road Challenge (USA) Olympic Hockey Nagano '98 (USA) Paperboy (USA) PGA European Tour (USA) Polaris SnoCross (USA) Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue (USA) Powerpuff Girls, The - Chemical X-Traction (USA) Premier Manager 64 (Europe) Quake 64 (USA) Rakuga Kids (Europe) Rally Challenge 2000 (USA) Rat Attack! (USA) Razor Freestyle Scooter (USA) Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 2 (USA) Roadsters Trophy (USA) Robotron 64 (USA) Rocket - Robot on Wheels (USA) Scooby-Doo! - Classic Creep Capers (USA) South Park Rally (USA) Space Invaders (USA) Star Soldier - Vanishing Earth (USA) Star Wars Episode I - Battle for Naboo (USA) Starshot - Space Circus Fever (USA) Stunt Racer 64 (USA) Super Bowling (USA) Supercross 2000 (USA) Tarzan (USA) Taz Express (Europe) Tetrisphere (USA) Top Gear Hyper-Bike (USA) Transformers - Beast Wars Transmetals (USA) Triple Play 2000 (USA) Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (USA) Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense (USA) Virtual Pool 64 (USA) Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 (USA) WCW Backstage Assault (USA) WCW Mayhem (USA) WCW Nitro (USA) World Cup 98 (USA) Worms Armageddon (USA) WWF WrestleMania 2000 (USA) Xena - Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate (USA)