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  1. Scanlines are a personal tastes thing. For those of use who grew up with old CRT Monitors, scanlines were natural. Going back and playing 240p games on a high definition 1080p upscaled screen only serves to flaunt the inadequacies in game art or hardware. And a few believe that artist back then used professional video monitors with very noticeable scanlines when developing art so that playing without them isnt seeing what the designers intended. I tend to disagree with that idea. However, having grown up with arcades and giant crt tvs, I find my nostalgia aches for the scanlines of yore.
  2. Shadow Link is the man. jus saiyan.
  3. I started with an old 486. I had generic game like Flinstones and ish on DOS. Later I got some monstrosity of a HP machine with 1gb hard drive. I thought I'd never be able to fill that up in my life!
  4. Whats its power draw like? Compatible with retropie on pi zero?
  5. Seconded. PIX. Also, I personally love Launchbox's Big Box the most as its the easiest to setup and get looking pretty.
  6. personally i think they are gimmicks not worth your time without proper VR
  7. Is this completed yet?
  8. very minimalistic yet sleek. i love that it reminds me of a viewlix cab
  9. looks rugged like it was in a bar. perfect mancave build!
  10. looks great! enjoyed seeing it. pity you wont be updating anymore...
  11. anyone got a software scanline generator? seems easy
  12. I really dig the metallic t molding. props, bro
  13. update- the hub doesnt work. will be trying the usb 2.0 amazons basic hub next