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    Since today (Day 5) we hit 100+ members I thought it would be a great time for everyone to introduce themselves. Since I still have some time to kill until I can start posting the video snaps for everyone, I thought it would help break the ice. For starters I am Circo, hopefully most of you know me but I am the crazy fool that started this site almost 5 years ago. Take a peek at this WayBack version of EmuMovies EmuMovies July 2005 (Wayback Machine) for an idea of how far we have come so far. I have a wife that likes to get mad because I hang out in the office too much playing 2 minutes of each video game that I can get my hands on. I swear this project has made me ADD! I do have a day job that takes up a lot of my time, but I try to touch this site as often as possible. My favorite development over the past year are the contributers. Users like Keno, StarControl, Jochitko, etc have really helped to motivate me, it was getting hard to stay motivated, but with all of the help coming from our members it has been getting so much easier and fun to do. I think that eventually that we just may reach our goal of perfect HiQ video snap sets for every system. I will say that my favorite change to the project is the normalized audio, this has made such a huge difference in testing, and I can't wait to start rolling these out to you guys. It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to our new forum, and I am pretty sure that this will become the hub of our site going forward. I think my EmuMovies baby is finally starting to grow up, I am so proud I could cry! Enough about me, let's hear from you guys, welcome to EmuMovies.com!
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    Version 2.51


    What is this new download service? The EmuMovies Download Service Utility completely automates the installation and use of all of our artwork packs and media in the front end of your choice. This means that instead of spending months of downloading, sorting and renaming it will now only take minutes per system (plus download time). The download service utility only downloads the content to match your roms and renames the content automatically to whatever romset you have so it just works! Feature List Support for over 100 different systems Notifies you upon startup if any sets you have previously downloaded have been updated Allows you to only view those sets so you can easily update your artwork and video packs Downloads artwork to match your roms (only what you need to save space) Automatic renaming (requires no user input, artwork and videos will match your roms) Ability to individually download sets or all at once Tied into the EmuMovies member system (access is immediate) Limited mode for basic Members (All artwork packs supported, 250MB/day limit) Video Snap downloads for Supporting Members On the fly conversion to AVI for front ends that only support AVI format. Plus more! Notes: Your login is your site login for EmuMovies.com (not your ftp login) Compatability: Minimum OS Requirement Win XP SP3 (Vista or Later Recommended)
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    I might be a bit biased, but LaunchBox 100%.
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    This update pretty much finishes the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom refresh. Huge thanks to SeedBad for his help with this update. This update brings the total count of SNES video snaps to a whopping 1361! Continue reading for a full list of what videos were added or replaced in this update. Video Snaps Added/Updated
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    After more than two years, BadBoyBill has released a major update to HyperSpin. Version 1.3 was released about an hour ago with many improvements users have been waiting for. For us here at EmuMovies, one of the most anticipated features has finally been added, MP4 support!!! Now users can use our MP4 video snaps vs the lower quality and insanely bloated FLV format. In the thread over at the HyperSpin forums BadBoyBill even mentions that version 1.4 may be out in a week or so with even more requested features, as well as any bug-fixes (if any) that are needed from this update. Continue reading for a full list of what was updated as well as download links. This update includes HS and HQ 1.3, these are just 2 exe's you can overwrite your current exe's with. This won't effect your current setups. Changes: Added mp4 support Added wheel smoothing for crisper wheel graphics and text. Updated flash player to 11. Added last system support when restarting HyperSpin. Tried to fix sound issue (untested) Added PCLauncher support for HyperLaunch. Release Thread and Download Link
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    DamnedRegistrations is working on a new set of into videos for 2015 and the first is for M.A.M.E. These intro videos include 23 clips of games and should be a nice change up for people that set up their arcades a few years ago and would like a refresh. System Intro Videos [480p] 20150502 Category: MAME Last Updated Sep 02 2015 02:09 PM Click here to view the article
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    I promise I didn't forget about mame. Uploaded a bunch of videos today and more are waiting to be edited. I cleaned up the set with MAMERenSet and refreshed the FTP. The post a couple pages back has been updated, thanks for keeping the faith guys. Pretty much just casino games left. And probably redo the vectors...and there are these mamefx games..........neo geo extra........ It never ends
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    Still plodding along on the Super NES/Famicom updates. Another 516 Video Snaps have been added or replaced. You can find the new videos on the FTP or our Download Service (HyperSync, Etc.). Continue on for a listing of what has been changed. Videos Added/Replaced
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    Hello everyone, I am Cain from Davenport, Iowa...have been working on a Mame cabinet for years when I have spare time, just now getting around to doing videos for all the games.
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    Hello all!! I have just finished uploading a huge bezel project that Gigapig, Potts43 and myself did a while back. We converted all the MAME artwork to RL bezel media. The original HS thread can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/3876-mame-artwork-bezel-project There is a whole lot of stuff involved here, so I would recommend anyone interested in using this set of files take a close study of the original thread before going any further. Thanks, Ron
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    Yesterday the newest member of the family arrived. Meet my son Jameson!
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    So I have gone back and changed some videos and the should be the finale versions (unless someone supplies better video sources). From this point on i will be releasing them by letter and named according to the official hyperspin xml. I will try to include the Japanese and other missing titles titles as well....enjoy Amazing Spider-Man, The - Ultimate Edition (USA).mp4 Angry Birds Star Wars (USA).mp4 Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (USA).mp4 Adventure Time - Finn and Jake Investigations (USA).mp4 Adventure Time - Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (USA).mp4 007 Legends (USA).mp4 Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag (USA).mp4 Assassin's Creed III (USA).mp4 Art Academy - Atelier (Europe).mp4 Animal Crossing - amiibo Festival (USA).mp4 Angry Birds Trilogy (USA).mp4
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    It has been a few years since we started our last Front-End poll and the scene has changed drastically. Please cast your vote for your favorite frond end and tell us a little bit about your experience in the comments. If you see a front-end that is not on the list let us know and we will add it.
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    This update pretty much finishes the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom refresh. Huge thanks to SeedBad for his help with this update. This update brings the total count of SNES video snaps to a whopping 1361! Continue reading for a full list of what videos were added or replaced in this update. Video Snaps Added/Updated Spoiler Aero Fighters (USA)Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top (USA) Arkanoid - Doh It Again (USA) Axelay (USA) Dennis the Menace (USA) Derby Stallion 98 (Japan) (NP) Dig & Spike Volleyball (USA) Dino City (USA) Dino Dini's Soccer! (Europe) Dirt Racer (Europe) Dirt Trax FX (USA) Donkey Kong Country (USA) (Competition Edition) Doom (USA) Doom Troopers (USA) Doomsday Warrior (USA) Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (USA) Dragon View (USA) Dragon's Lair (USA) Drakkhen (USA) Dream TV (USA) Duel, The - Test Drive II (USA) E.V.O. - Search for Eden (USA) Earth Defense Force (USA) EarthBound (USA) Eek! The Cat (USA) Elite Soccer (USA) Emmitt Smith Football (USA) ESPN National Hockey Night (USA) ESPN Speedworld (USA) ESPN Sunday Night NFL (USA) Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally (USA) Extra Innings (USA) Eye of the Beholder (USA) Faceball 2000 (USA) Family Dog (USA) Family Feud (USA) (Rev 1) Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA) (Rev 1) Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1) Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1) Fire Striker (USA) Firemen, The (Europe) Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA) Flintstones, The - The Treasure of Sierra Madrock (USA) Flintstones, The (USA) Football Fury (USA) Foreman For Real (USA) Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (USA) Frantic Flea (USA) Frogger (USA) Full Throttle - All-American Racing (USA) Fun 'n Games (USA) F-Zero (USA) Gemfire (USA) Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf (USA) George Foreman's KO Boxing (USA) (Rev 1) Ghoul Patrol (USA) Goal! (USA) Gods (USA) Goof Troop (USA) GP-1 (USA) Gradius III (USA) Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, The (USA) Great Waldo Search, The (USA) GunForce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (USA) Hagane - The Final Conflict (USA) HAL's Hole in One Golf (USA) Hammerlock Wrestling (USA) HardBall III (USA) Harley's Humongous Adventure (USA) Harvest Moon (USA) Head-On Soccer (USA) Hebereke's Popoitto (Europe) Hebereke's Popoon (Europe) Hit the Ice (USA) Home Alone (USA) Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (USA) Home Improvement (USA) Hook (USA) Humans, The (Europe) Hungry Dinosaurs (Europe) Hyper V-Ball (USA) Ignition Factor, The (USA) Illusion of Gaia (USA) Incantation (USA) Incredible Crash Dummies, The (USA) Incredible Hulk, The (USA) Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (USA) Inindo - Way of the Ninja (USA) Inspector Gadget (USA) International Superstar Soccer (Europe) International Tennis Tour (USA) Irem Skins Game, The (USA) Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA) Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA) J.League Super Soccer '95 - Jikkyou Stadium (Japan) J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - Volume 1 (USA) Jack Nicklaus Golf (USA) Jaleco Rally Big Run - The Supreme 4WD Challenge (Japan) James Bond Jr (USA) Jammes (Japan) Jammit (USA) JB The Super Bass (Japan) Jelly Boy (Europe) Jeopardy! - Deluxe Edition (USA) Jeopardy! - Sports Edition (USA) Jeopardy! (USA) Jetsons, The - Invasion of the Planet Pirates (USA) Jikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage (Japan) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu - Basic Ban '98 (Japan) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2 (Japan) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 3 - '97 Haru (Japan) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 3 (Japan) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu '94 (Japan) Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.S - Covert Action Teams (USA) Jim Power - The Lost Dimension in 3D (USA) Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour (USA) Jimmy Houston's Bass Tournament U.S.A. (USA) Jissen Kyoutei (Japan) Joe & Mac (USA) Joe & Mac 2 - Lost in the Tropics (USA) Judge Dredd (USA) Jumpin' Derby (Japan) Jungle Book, The (USA) Jungle no Ouja Tar-chan - Sekaimanyuu Daikakutou no Maki (Japan) Jurassic Park (USA) (Rev 1) Jurassic Park II - The Chaos Continues (USA) Justice League Task Force (USA) JWP Joshi Pro Wres - Pure Wrestle Queens (Japan) Kachou Shima Kousaku (Japan) Kamaitachi no Yoru (Japan) Kamen Rider (Japan) Kamen Rider SD - Shutsugeki!! Rider Machine (Japan) Kashiwagi Shigetaka no Top Water Bassing (Japan) Kat's Run - Zen-Nihon K-Car Senshuken (Japan) Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 2 (Japan) Keeper (Japan) Keiba Eight Special (Japan) Keiba Eight Special 2 (Japan) Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (USA) Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run (USA) Kendo Rage (USA) Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (USA) Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (Japan) Kikou Keisatsu Metal Jack (Japan) King Arthur & The Knights of Justice (USA) King Arthur's World (USA) King of Rally, The (Japan) King of the Monsters 2 (USA) Kingyo Chuuihou! - Tobidase! Game Gakuen (Japan) Kinnikuman - Dirty Challenger (Japan) Kirby no Kirakira Kids (Japan) Kirby Super Star (USA) Kirby's Avalanche (USA) Kirby's Dream Course (USA) Kirby's Dream Land 3 (USA) Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden (Japan) Kishin Douji Zenki - Denei Raibu (Japan) Knights of the Round (USA) Kouryuu no Mimi (Japan) (Translated En) Koushien 2 (Japan) Koushien 3 (Japan) Koushien 4 (Japan) Krusty's Super Fun House (USA) (Rev 1) Kunio no Oden (Japan) Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing (USA) Lagoon (USA) Last Action Hero (USA) Lawnmower Man, The (USA) Legend (USA) Legend of the Mystical Ninja, The (USA) Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA) Lemmings (USA) (Rev 1) Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (USA) Lester the Unlikely (USA) Lethal Weapon (USA) Liberty or Death (USA) Lion King, The (USA) Looney Tunes B-Ball (USA) Lost Vikings 2 (USA) Lost Vikings, The (USA) Lucky Luke (Europe) Lufia & The Fortress of Doom (USA) Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (USA) Magic Boy (USA) Magic Sword (USA) Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The (USA) Mario Is Missing! (USA) Mario Paint (Japan, USA) Mario's Early Years! - Fun with Letters (USA) Mario's Early Years! - Fun with Numbers (USA) Mario's Early Years! - Preschool Fun (USA) Mario's Time Machine (USA) Marko's Magic Football (Europe) Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Gems (USA) Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (USA) Mask, The (USA) Math Blaster - Episode 1 (USA) Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (USA) Mecarobot Golf (USA) MechWarrior (USA) MechWarrior 3050 (USA) Mega lo Mania (Europe) Mega Man 7 (USA) Mega Man Soccer (USA) Mega Man X (USA) (Rev 1) Mega Man X2 (USA) Mega Man X3 (USA) Melfand Stories (Japan) Metal Marines (USA) Metal Morph (USA) Metal Slader Glory - Director's Cut (Japan) (NP) Metal Warriors (USA) Michael Andretti's IndyCar Challenge (USA) Michael Jordan - Chaos in the Windy City (USA) Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (USA) Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken (Japan) Mickey's Playtown Adventure - A Day of Discovery! (USA) (Proto) Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (USA) Micro Machines (USA) Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament (Europe) Might and Magic II - Gates to Another World (Europe) Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra (USA) Mighty Max (USA) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (USA) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (USA) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA) Mini Yonku Let's & Go!! - Power WGP 2 (Japan) Mini Yonku Shining Scorpion - Let's & Go!! (Japan) MLBPA Baseball (USA) Mohawk & Headphone Jack (USA) Monopoly (USA) (Rev 1) Mortal Kombat (USA) Mortal Kombat 3 (USA) Mortal Kombat II (USA) (Rev 1) Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (Japan) Mr. Do! (USA) Mr. Nutz (USA) Ms. Pac-Man (USA) Multi Play Volleyball (Japan) Musya (USA) Mystery Circle (Japan) Nakajima Satoru Kanshuu - F-1 Hero '94 (Japan) Nakajima Satoru Kanshuu - Super F-1 Hero (Japan) Nakano Kouichi Kanshuu Keirin Ou (Japan) Namcot Open (Japan) Natsuki Crisis Battle (Japan) Natsume Championship Wrestling (USA) NBA All-Star Challenge (USA) NBA Give 'n Go (USA) NBA Hang Time (USA) NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (USA) NBA Jam (USA) (Rev 1) NBA Showdown (USA) New 3D Golf Simulation - Harukanaru Augusta (Japan) New Horizons (USA) New Yatterman - Nandai Kandai Yajirobee (Japan) Nice de Shot (Japan) Nichibutsu Arcade Classics (Japan) Nichibutsu Arcade Classics 2 - Heiankyou Alien (Japan) Nichibutsu Collection 1 (Japan) Nichibutsu Collection 2 (Japan) Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (USA) Ninja Warriors, The (USA) Nintama Rantarou (Japan) Nintama Rantarou 2 (Japan) Nintama Rantarou 3 (Japan) Nintama Rantarou Special (Japan) No Escape (USA) Nobunaga's Ambition - Lord of Darkness (USA) Nobunaga's Ambition (USA) Nolan Ryan's Baseball (USA) Nontan to Issho - Kurukuru Puzzle (Japan) Nosferatu (USA) Obitus (USA) O-chan no Oekaki Logic (Japan) Oekaki Logic (Japan) (NP) Oekaki Logic 2 (Japan) (NP) Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen (USA) Okamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf - Ko Olina Golf Club in Hawaii (Japan) Olivia no Mystery (Japan) Olympic Summer Games (USA) On the Ball (USA) Ongaku Tsukuru Kanadeeru (Japan) Onizuka Katsuya Super Virtual Boxing - Shin Kentou Ou Densetsu (Japan) Oonita Atsushi FMW (Japan) Oozumou Spirits (Japan) Operation Europe - Path to Victory 1939-45 (USA) Operation Logic Bomb (USA) Operation Starfi5h (Europe) Operation Thunderbolt (USA) Oraga Land Shusai - Best Farmer Shuukakusai (Japan) Oscar (USA) Ossu!! Karate-bu (Japan) Otoboke Ninja Colosseum (Japan) Otogirisou (Japan) Out of This World (USA) Out to Lunch (USA) Outlander (USA) P.T.O. - Pacific Theater of Operations (USA) P.T.O. II - Pacific Theater of Operations (USA) Pac-Attack (USA) Pac-in-Time (USA) Packy & Marlon (USA) Pac-Man 2 - The New Adventures (USA) Pagemaster, The (USA) Paladin's Quest (USA) Paperboy 2 (USA) Parodius (Europe) Peace Keepers, The (USA) Pebble Beach no Hatou New - Tournament Edition (Japan) PGA European Tour (USA) PGA Tour 96 (USA) PGA Tour Golf (USA) Phantom 2040 (USA) Pieces (USA) Pikiinya! (Japan) Pinball Dreams (USA) Pinball Fantasies (USA) Pink Goes to Hollywood (USA) Pinocchio (USA) Pipe Dream (Japan) Pirates of Dark Water, The (USA) Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (USA) Plok! (USA) Pocky & Rocky (USA) Pocky & Rocky 2 (USA) Poko Nyan! - Henpokorin Adventure (Japan) Popful Mail (Japan) Populous (USA) Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods (Europe) Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday (USA) Power Lode Runner (Japan) (NP) Power Moves (USA) Power Piggs of the Dark Age (USA) Power Rangers Zeo - Battle Racers (USA) Power Soukoban (Japan) PowerMonger (Europe) Prehistorik Man (USA) Primal Rage (USA) Prince of Persia (USA) Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow & The Flame (USA) Pro Quarterback (USA) Pro Sport Hockey (USA) Pro Yakyuu Nettou Puzzle Stadium (Japan) Pro Yakyuu Star (Japan) Psycho Dream (Japan) Push-Over (USA) Putty Squad (Europe) Puzzle Nintama Rantarou - Ninjutsu Gakuen Puzzle Taikai no Dan (Japan) Puzzle'n Desu! (Japan) Q-bert 3 (USA) R.P.M. Racing (USA) Race Drivin' (USA) Radical Rex (USA) Rampart (USA) Ranma 1-2 - Chougi Ranbu Hen (Japan) Ranma 1-2 - Hard Battle (USA) Ranma 1-2 - Ougi Jaanken (Japan) Rap Jam - Volume One (USA) Realm (USA) Redline F-1 Racer (USA) Relief Pitcher (USA) Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Buckeroos! (USA) Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Fire Dogs (USA) Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Time Warp (USA) Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Veediots! (USA) Res Arcana - Diana Ray - Uranai no Meikyuu (Japan) Revolution X (USA) Rex Ronan - Experimental Surgeon (USA) Riddick Bowe Boxing (USA) Ring ni Kakero (Japan) (NP) Rival Turf! (USA) Road Riot 4WD (USA) Road Runner's Death Valley Rally (USA) RoboCop 3 (USA) RoboCop versus The Terminator (USA) Robotrek (USA) Rock n' Roll Racing (USA) Rocketeer, The (USA) Rocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day (USA) Rocky Rodent (USA) Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (USA) (Rev 1) Rokudenashi Blues - Taiketsu! Tokyo Shitennou (Japan) Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (USA) Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Destiny (USA) Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV - Wall of Fire (USA) R-Type III - The Third Lightning (USA) Run Saber (USA) Ryuuko no Ken 2 (Japan) Saikyou - Takada Nobuhiko (Japan) Sailormoon (France) Same Game (Japan) Samurai Shodown (USA) Sanrio Shanghai (Japan) Sanspo Fishing - Keiryuu Ou (Japan) Saturday Night Slam Masters (USA) Scooby-Doo Mystery (USA) SD F-1 Grand Prix (Japan) SD Gundam - Power Formation Puzzle (Japan) SD Hiryuu no Ken (Japan) SD Kidou Senshi Gundam - V Sakusen Shidou (Japan) SD Kidou Senshi Gundam 2 (Japan) SD The Great Battle - Aratanaru Chousen (Japan) SeaQuest DSV (USA) Secret of Evermore (USA) Secret of Mana (USA) Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter (Japan) Shadow, The (USA) (Proto) Shadowrun (USA) Shanghai - Banri no Choujou (Japan) Shanghai II - Dragon's Eye (USA) Shanghai III (Japan) Shaq Fu (USA) Shien's Revenge (USA) Shijou Saikyou League Serie A - Ace Striker (Japan) Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Chou Senshi in Tokyo Dome - Fantastic Story (Japan) Shin Shougi Club (Japan) Shiroi Ring e - Twinkle Little Star (Japan) Shounen Ashibe - Goma-chan no Yuuenchi Daibouken (Japan) Shounen Ninja Sasuke (Japan) Side Pocket (USA) SimAnt (USA) SimCity (USA) SimCity 2000 (USA) SimEarth - The Living Planet (USA) Simpsons, The - Bart's Nightmare (USA) Simulation Pro Yakyuu (Japan) Sink or Swim (USA) Skuljagger - Revolt of the Westicans (USA) Skyblazer (USA) Smart Ball (USA) Smash Tennis (Europe) Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) Smurfs, The (Europe) Snow White in Happily Ever After (USA) Soldiers of Fortune (USA) Sonic Blast Man (USA) Sonic Blast Man II (USA) Soreyuke Ebisumaru Karakuri Meiro - Kieta Goemon no Nazo!! (Japan) Sougou Kakutougi - Astral Bout (Japan) Sougou Kakutougi - Astral Bout 2 - The Total Fighters (Japan) Sougou Kakutougi Rings - Astral Bout 3 (Japan) Soukou Kihei Votoms - The Battling Road (Japan) Soul Blazer (USA) Space Football - One on One (USA) Space Invaders - The Original Game (USA) Space Megaforce (USA) Spanky's Quest (USA) Sparkster (USA) Spawn (USA) Spectre (USA) Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures (USA) Speedy Gonzales - Los Gatos Bandidos (USA) (Rev 1) Spider-Man (USA) Spider-Man-Venom - Maximum Carnage (USA) Spider-Man-X-Men - Arcade's Revenge (USA) Spindizzy Worlds (USA) Spirou (Europe) Sporting News Power Baseball, The (USA) Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball (USA) Sprinter Monogatari - Mezase!! Ikkakusenkin (Japan) St. Andrews - Eikou to Rekishi no Old Course (Japan) Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2) Star Fox (USA) (Super Weekend Competition) Star Trek - Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (USA) Star Trek - The Next Generation - Future's Past (USA) Stardust Suplex (Japan) Stargate (USA) Steel Talons (USA) Sterling Sharpe - End 2 End (USA) Stone Protectors (USA) Street Combat (USA) Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA) Street Fighter II (USA) Street Fighter II Turbo (USA) Street Hockey '95 (USA) Street Racer (USA) Strike Gunner S.T.G (USA) Stunt Race FX (USA) (Rev 1) Sugoi Hebereke (Japan) Sunset Riders (USA) Supapoon DX (Japan) Super Adventure Island (USA) Super Adventure Island II (USA) Super Air Diver 2 (Japan) Super Alfred Chicken (USA) Super Aquatic Games Starring the Aquabats, The (USA) Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (USA) Super Bases Loaded (USA) Super Bases Loaded 3 - License to Steal (USA) Super Bases Loaded II (USA) Super Batter Up (USA) Super Battleship (USA) Super Battletank - War in the Gulf (USA) (Rev 1) Super Battletank 2 (USA) Super Bikkuriman (Japan) Super Birdie Rush (Japan) Super Black Bass (USA) Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W (Japan) Super Bomberman (USA) Super Bomberman 2 (USA) Super Bomberman 3 (Europe) Super Bombliss (Japan) Super Bonk (USA) Super Bowling (USA) Super Buster Bros. (USA) (Rev 1) Super Caesars Palace (USA) Super Castlevania IV (USA) Super Chase H.Q. (USA) Super Chinese Fighter (Japan) Super Conflict - The Mideast (USA) Super Copa (Brazil) (Es,Pt) Super Double Dragon (USA) Super Drift Out - World Rally Championships (Japan) Super Dunk Star (Japan) Super F1 Circus (Japan) Super F1 Circus 2 (Japan) Super F1 Circus 3 (Japan) Super F1 Circus Gaiden (Japan) Super Family Circuit (Japan) Super Family Gelaende (Japan) (NP) Super Famista 2 (Japan) Super Famista 3 (Japan) Super Famista 4 (Japan) Super Famista 5 (Japan) Super Final Match Tennis (Japan) Super Fire Pro Wrestling (Japan) Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (Japan) Super Fire Pro Wrestling III - Final Bout (Japan) Super Fishing Big Fight (Japan) Super Formation Soccer 94 - World Cup Final Data (Japan) Super Formation Soccer 95 della Serie A (Japan) Super Formation Soccer 96 - World Club Edition (Japan) Super Formation Soccer II (Japan) Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (USA) Super Goal! 2 (USA) Super Godzilla (USA) Super High Impact (USA) Super Ice Hockey (Europe) Super Indy Champ (Japan) Super International Cricket (Europe) Super James Pond (USA) Super Keirin (Japan) Super Koukou Yakyuu - Ikkyuu Nyuukon (Japan) Super Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium (Japan) Super Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium 2 (Japan) Super Loopz (Japan) Super Mad Champ (Japan) Super Mario All-Stars (USA) Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (USA) Super Mario Kart (USA) Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (USA) Super Mario World (USA) Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (USA) (Rev 1) Super Metroid (Japan, USA) Super Morph (Europe) Super Naxat Open - Golf de Shoubu da Dorabocchan (Japan) Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu - Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki (Japan) Super Ninja Boy (USA) Super Noah's Ark 3D (USA) (Unl) Super Nova (USA) Super Off Road - The Baja (USA) Super Pinball - Behind the Mask (USA) (Rev 1) Super Pinball II - The Amazing Odyssey (Japan) Super Play Action Football (USA) Super Power League (Japan) Super Power League 2 (Japan) Super Power League 3 (Japan) Super Power League 4 (Japan) Super Professional Baseball II (Japan) Super Putty (USA) Super R.B.I. Baseball (USA) Super Rugby (Japan) Super Slam Dunk (USA) Super Slap Shot (USA) Super Smash T.V. (USA) Super Soccer (USA) Super Soccer Champ (USA) Super Solitaire (USA) Super Soukoban (Japan) Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (USA) (Rev 1) Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (USA) (Rev 1) Super Star Wars (USA) (Rev 1) Super Street Fighter II (USA) Super Strike Eagle (USA) Super Tekkyuu Fight! (Japan) Super Tennis (USA) Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan) Super Tetris 3 (Japan) Super Troll Islands (USA) Super Turrican (USA) Super Turrican 2 (USA) Super Uno (Japan) Super Valis IV (USA) Super Variable Geo (Japan) Super Wagyan Land (Japan) Super Wagyan Land 2 (Japan) Super Widget (USA) Super Yakyuudou (Japan) Sutobasu Yarou Show (Japan) Sutte Hakkun (Japan) Suzuka 8 Hours (USA) SWAT Kats - The Radical Squadron (USA) Syndicate (USA) Syvalion (Europe) T2 - The Arcade Game (USA) Tactical Soccer (Japan) Taekwon-Do (Japan) (Ja,Ko) Take Yutaka GI Memory (Japan) Takeda Nobuhiro no Super League Soccer (Japan) Taz-Mania (USA) (Rev 1) Tecmo Secret of the Stars (USA) Tecmo Super Baseball (USA) Tecmo Super Bowl (USA) Tecmo Super Bowl II - Special Edition (USA) Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition (USA) Tecmo Super NBA Basketball (USA) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (USA) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time (USA) Tekichuu Keiba Juku (Japan) Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (USA) Terminator, The (USA) Tetris & Dr. Mario (USA) Tetris 2 (USA) (Rev 1) Tetris Attack (USA) Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) Tetsuwan Atom (Japan) Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (USA) Thunder Spirits (USA) Tick, The (USA) Time Slip (USA) Time Trax (USA) Timecop (USA) Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games (USA) Tin Star (USA) Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun (Europe) Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose! (USA) Tiny Toon Adventures - Wacky Sports Challenge (USA) TKO Super Championship Boxing (USA) TNN Bass Tournament of Champions (USA) Tom & Jerry (USA) Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme - Skiing and Snowboarding (USA) Tony Meola's Sidekicks Soccer (USA) Top Gear (USA) Top Gear 2 (USA) Top Gear 3000 (USA) Total Carnage (USA) Toy Story (USA) Toys (USA) Troddlers (USA) Troy Aikman NFL Football (USA) True Golf Classics - Pebble Beach Golf Links (USA) True Golf Classics - Waialae Country Club (USA) True Golf Classics - Wicked 18 (USA) True Lies (USA) Tuff E Nuff (USA) Turbo Toons (Europe) Turn and Burn - No-Fly Zone (USA) Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, The (USA) U.N. Squadron (USA) Ultima - Runes of Virtue II (USA) Ultima VI - The False Prophet (USA) Ultima VII - The Black Gate (USA) Ultimate Fighter (USA) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (USA) Ultraman - Towards the Future (USA) Universal Soldier (USA) (Proto) Urban Strike (USA) Utopia - The Creation of a Nation (USA) Vegas Stakes (USA) Venom-Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (USA) Virtual Bart (USA) Virtual Soccer (Europe) Vortex (USA) War 2410 (USA) War 3010 - The Revolution (USA) Wario's Woods (USA) Warlock (USA) WarpSpeed (USA) Waterworld (Europe) Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars (USA) Wayne's World (USA) WCW Super Brawl Wrestling (USA) WeaponLord (USA) We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story (USA) Wheel of Fortune - Deluxe Edition (USA) Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (USA) Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego (USA) Whirlo (Europe) Whizz (USA) Wild Guns (USA) WildSnake (USA) Wing Commander - The Secret Missions (USA) Wing Commander (USA) Wings 2 - Aces High (USA) Winter Gold (Europe) Winter Olympic Games - Lillehammer '94 (USA) Wizard of Oz, The (USA) Wizardry V - Heart of the Maelstrom (USA) Wolfchild (USA) Wolfenstein 3D (USA) Wolverine - Adamantium Rage (USA) Wordtris (USA) World Class Rugby (Europe) World Cup Striker (Europe) World Cup USA 94 (USA) World Heroes (USA) World Heroes 2 (USA) World League Soccer (USA) World Masters Golf (Europe) World Soccer 94 - Road to Glory (USA) Worms (Europe) WWF Raw (USA) WWF Royal Rumble (USA) WWF Super WrestleMania (USA) WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game (USA) Xardion (USA) X-Kaliber 2097 (USA) X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse (USA) Yoshi's Cookie (USA) Young Merlin (USA) Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (USA) Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (USA) Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA) Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension (USA) Zoop (USA) Click here to view the article
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    Version .03


    Perfect Match is the sequel to Skinny Match New Features include: Perfect Match has the ability to save multiple projects that will allow matching to continue from the point at which the project was previously saved. Perfect Match can rename artwork from .dat files, and .xml files. When using SoftList .xml files, Perfect Match will rename your artwork to the 'Short Name' (See Screen Shots) Instant alternate matches in the match tab using right-click. Additional settings to help with better matching. Messages can be shown normally, as tool tips, or turned off completely. A brief description of the settings tab and matching using Perfect Match
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    We have been hard at work over the last month trying to get the PlayStation 2 video snap set complete. This will most likely be the last "Update" before the final set is released. Included in this update are 945 new video snaps. The full set is currently at 2,585 Video Snaps at 17.48GB and is available via our FTP or Sync Utility. Videos Added/Updated: Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings (Europe) All-Star Baseball 2004 featuring Derek Jeter (USA) All-Star Baseball 2005 featuring Derek Jeter (USA) Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare (Europe) Alpine Ski Racing 2007 - Bode Miller vs. Hermann Maier (Germany) Arc the Lad - Twilight of the Spirits (USA) Arctic Thunder (USA) Atlantis III - The New World (Europe) Australian Idol Sing (Australia) Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance (USA) Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance II (USA) Bard's Tale, The (USA) Beach King Stunt Racer (Europe) Bee Movie Game (USA) Ben 10 - Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks (USA) Big Idea's Veggie Tales - LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (USA) Bob the Builder Eye Toy (Europe) Bolt (USA) Boxing Champions (Europe) Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon (Europe) Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood (USA) Buzz! Brain of Oz (Australia) Buzz! Brain of the UK (UK) Buzz! Junior - Ace Racers (Europe) Buzz! Junior - Dino Den (Europe) Buzz! Junior - Jungle Party (USA) Buzz! Junior - Monster Rumble (Europe) Buzz! Junior - RoboJam (USA) Buzz! Pop Quiz (Europe) Buzz! The BIG Quiz (Europe) Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz (USA) Buzz! The Maha Quiz (India) Buzz! The Mega Quiz (USA) Buzz! The Music Quiz (Europe) Buzz! The Schools Quiz (Europe) Buzz! The Sports Quiz (Europe) Cabela's Big Game Hunter (2008) (USA) Cabela's Dangerous Hunts (USA) Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 (USA) Cabela's Deer Hunt - 2004 Season (USA) Cabela's Deer Hunt 2005 Season (USA) Cabela's North American Adventures (USA) Cabela's Trophy Bucks (USA) Call of Duty 3 (USA) Captain Scarlet (Europe) Car Racing Challenge (Europe) Cartoon Kingdom (Europe) Carwash Tycoon (Europe) Chaos Legion (USA) Chaos Wars (USA) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (USA) Charlie's Angels (Europe) Chess Challenger (Europe) Chronicles of Narnia, The - Prince Caspian (USA) Chronicles of Narnia, The - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (USA) CID The Dummy (USA) Classic British Motor Racing (Europe) Club Football - AC Milan (Europe) Club Football - Ajax Amsterdam (Europe) Club Football - Leeds United (Europe) Club Football - Liverpool FC (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Ajax Amsterdam (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Aston Villa FC (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Birmingham City (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Club Football 2005 - FC Intenazionale (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Hamburger SV (Germany) Club Football 2005 - Paris Saint-Germain (Europe) Club Football 2005 - Tottenham Hotspur (Europe) Cocoto Fishing Master (USA) Code Lyoko - Quest for Infinity (USA) Code of the Samurai (Europe) Codename - Kids Next Door - Operation - V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. (USA) Cold Fear (USA) Cold Winter (USA) Colin McRae Rally 04 (Europe) Commandos Strike Force (USA) Conflict Zone - Modern War Strategy (USA) Constantine (USA) Crabby Adventure (Europe) Crashed (Europe) Crazy Chicken X (Europe) Crazy Frog Racer (Europe) Cricket 07 (Europe) Crime Life - Gang Wars (Europe) Cubix Robots for Everyone - Showdown (USA) Cue Academy - Snooker, Pool, Billiards (Europe) D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series (USA) Dance - UK eXtra Trax (Europe) Dance - UK XL (Europe) Dance - UK XL Party (Europe) Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Channel Edition (USA) Dancing Stage Max (Europe) Dancing with the Stars (USA) Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 (USA) David Douillet Judo (Europe) Dead Eye Jim (Europe) Death by Degrees (USA) Demolition Girl (Europe) Desi Adda - Games of India (India) Destruction Derby Arenas (USA) Die Hard - Vendetta (Europe) Dinosaur Adventure (Europe) Disney G-Force (USA) Disney Golf (USA) Disney Move (Europe) Disney Sing It (USA) Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3 - Senior Year (USA) Disney Sing It! Pop Hits (USA) Disney TH!NK Fast (USA) Disney's Dinosaur (Europe) Disney's Meet the Robinsons (USA) Disney's Peter Pan - The Legend of Never-Land (Europe) Disney's PK - Out of the Shadows (USA) Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure (USA) DJ - Decks & FX - Claudio Coccoluto Edition (Italy) DNA - Dark Native Apostle (Europe) Dodgeball (Europe) Dokapon Kingdom (USA) Don 2 - The Game (India) Doomsday Racers (Europe) Dot Hack Part 3 - Outbreak (USA) Dot Hack Part 4 - Quarantine (USA) Dragon Ball Z - Budokai (USA) Dragon Ball Z - Infinite World (USA) Dragon Ball Z - Sagas (USA) Drakengard (USA) DRIV3R (USA) Driver - Parallel Lines (USA) DT Racer (USA) Dual Hearts (USA) Dukes of Hazzard - Return of the General Lee, The (USA) D-Unit Drift Racing (Europe) Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires (USA) eJay Clubworld (USA) Empire of Atlantis (Europe) Energy Airforce (Europe) England International Football (Europe) EOE - Eve of Extinction (USA) Ephemeral Fantasia (USA) Escape from Monkey Island (USA) ESPN MLS ExtraTime (USA) Euro Rally Champion (Europe) Everblue (Europe) Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstick (USA) Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles (Europe) EyeToy - AntiGrav (USA) EyeToy - Chat (Europe) EyeToy - Groove (USA) EyeToy - Kinetic (USA) EyeToy - Kinetic Combat (Europe) EyeToy - Monkey Mania (Europe) EyeToy - Operation Spy (USA) EyeToy - Play (USA) EyeToy - Play 2 (USA) EyeToy - Play 3 (Europe) EyeToy Play - Astro Zoo (Europe) EyeToy Play - Hero (Europe) EyeToy Play - PomPom Party (Europe) EyeToy Play - Sports (Europe) Family Board Games (Europe) Family Feud (USA) Family Guy (USA) Fatal Frame III - The Tormented (USA) FIFA 07 Soccer (USA) FIFA 14 - Legacy Edition (Europe) FIFA Soccer 08 (USA) FIFA Soccer 09 (USA) FIFA Soccer 10 (USA) FIFA Soccer 11 (USA) FIFA Soccer 12 (USA) FIFA Soccer 13 (USA) Fight Club (USA) Final Fantasy X-2 (USA) Final Fantasy XI - Chains of Promathia (USA) Final Fantasy XI - Treasures of Aht Urhgan (USA) Final Fantasy XI - Wings of the Goddess (USA) Final Fantasy XI (USA) Finkles World (Europe) Finny the Fish & The Seven Waters (USA) Fishing Fantasy - BuzzRod (Europe) FlatOut 2 (USA) Flintstones - Bedrock Racing, The (Europe) Football Generation (Europe) Ford Racing - Off Road (USA) Ford Racing 2 (USA) Ford Racing 3 (USA) Forgotten Realms - Demon Stone (USA) Formula 1 04 (Europe) Formula 1 06 (Europe) Formula One 2003 (Europe) Formula One 2005 (Europe) Forty 4 Party (Europe) Frankie Dettori Racing (Europe) Freedom Fighters (USA) Frogger Beyond (Europe) Fruit Machine Mania (Europe) Fruitfall (Europe) Fullmetal Alchemist 2 - Curse of the Crimson Elixir (USA) Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (USA) FunkMaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory (USA) Fur Fighters - Viggo's Revenge (USA) Furry Tales (Europe) Futurama (USA) G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra (USA) G1 Jockey (Europe) G1 Jockey 3 (USA) G1 Jockey 4 (Europe) Gadget and the Gadgetinis (Europe) Gadget Racers (Europe) Gadget Racers (USA) Gaelic Games - Football (Europe) Gaelic Games - Football 2 (Europe) Gaelic Games - Hurling (Europe) Games Galaxy 2 (Europe) Garfield (Europe) Garfield 2 (Europe) Gauntlet - Dark Legacy (USA) Getaway - Black Monday, The (USA) Getaway, The (USA) G-Force (2006) (Europe) Ghost Rider (USA) Ghost Vibration (Europe) Ghosthunter (USA) Gigawing Generations (Europe) Girl Zone (Europe) Glass Rose (Europe) Global Touring Challenge - Africa (USA) Go Go Copter - Remote Control Helicopter (Europe) Go Go Golf (Europe) Goblin Commander - Unleash the Horde (USA) GoDai - Elemental Force (USA) Godfather, The (USA) Golden Age of Racing (Europe) Goosebumps HorrorLand (USA) Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Europe) Gran Turismo 4 - Prologue (Europe) Gran Turismo Concept - 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (Europe) Grandia III (USA) (Disc 1) Grandia III (USA) (Disc 2) Great British Football Quiz, The (Europe) Gregory Horror Show (Europe) Growlanser - Heritage of War (USA) GT Racers (Europe) GT-R 400 (Europe) GT-R Touring (Europe) Guerrilla Strike (Europe) Guilty Gear X2 #Reload - The Midnight Carnival (Europe) Gunbird Special Edition (Europe) Guncom 2 (Europe) Gunfighter II - Revenge of Jesse James (Europe) Gungriffon Blaze (USA) Habitrail Hamster Ball (Europe) Hamster Heroes (Europe) Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK (USA) Hard Hitter 2 (Europe) Hard Knock High (Europe) Hardware - Online Arena (Europe) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (USA) Harvest Moon - Save the Homeland (USA) Hasbro Family Game Night (USA) Hawk Kawasaki Racing (Europe) Headhunter - Redemption (USA) Heartbeat Boxing (Europe) Heavenly Guardian (USA) Hello Kitty - Roller Rescue (Europe) Heracles Chariot Racing (Europe) Herdy Gerdy (USA) Heroes of Might and Magic - Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff (USA) High School Musical 3 - Senior Year DANCE! (USA) History Channel, The - Battle for the Pacific (USA) History Channel, The - Civil War - Secret Missions (USA) Hitman - Blood Money (USA) Hitman - Contracts (USA) Home Alone (Europe) Home Run (Europe) Homura (Europe) Hoppie (Europe) Horsez (USA) Hot Shots Golf 3 (USA) Hot Shots Golf Fore! (USA) Hot Shots Tennis (USA) Hugo - Magic In The Troll Woods (Europe) Hugo Cannon Cruise (Europe) Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition (Europe) IHRA Drag Racing - Sportsman Edition (USA) IHRA Drag Racing 2 (USA) In the Groove 2 (USA) (Proto) Incredibles, The - Rise of the Underminer (USA) Incredibles, The (USA) IndyCar Series 2005 (Europe) I-Ninja (USA) Innocent Life - A Futuristic Harvest Moon (USA) Inspector Gadget - Mad Robots Invasion (Europe) International Cricket Captain III (Europe) International Cue Club 2 (Europe) International Golf Pro (Europe) International Pool Championship (Europe) International Snooker Championship (Europe) International Super Karts (Europe) International Superstar Soccer (Europe) International Superstar Soccer 2 (Europe) International Superstar Soccer 3 (Europe) Iron Aces 2 - Birds of Prey (Europe) Iron Chef (Europe) Iron Sea (Europe) Jacked (Europe) Jackie Chan Adventures (Europe) Jackpot Madness (Europe) James Pond - Codename Robocod (Europe) Jello (Europe) Jelly Belly - Ballistic Beans (Europe) Jet Ion Grand Prix (Europe) Jetix Puzzle Buzzle (Europe) Johnny Bravo - Date-O-Rama! (Europe) Jonny Moseley Mad Trix (USA) Jumanji (Europe) Junior Board Games (Europe) Jurassic Park - Operation Genesis (USA) Just Cause (USA) Justice League Heroes (USA) Kaido Racer (Europe) Karaoke Revolution Presents - American Idol Encore (USA) Kart Racer (Europe) Kiddies Party Pack (Europe) Kidz Sports Basketball (Europe) Kidz Sports Ice Hockey (Europe) Killer7 (USA) King Arthur (USA) King of Clubs (Europe) King of Fighters NeoWave, The (Europe) Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2 (Japan) Klonoa 2 - Lunatea's Veil (USA) Knight Rider - The Game (Europe) Knight Rider 2 (Europe) Knights of the Temple - Infernal Crusade (Europe) Knights of the Temple II (Europe) Konami Kids Playground - Frogger Hop, Skip & Jumpin' Fun (USA) Kung Fu Panda (USA) Kya - Dark Lineage (USA) Lake Masters EX (Europe) Largo Winch - Empire Under Threat (Europe) Lassie (Europe) Le Tour de France - Centenary Edition (Europe) Leaderboard Golf (Europe) League Series Baseball 2 (Europe) Legacy of Kain - Defiance (USA) Legend of Kay (USA) Legend of Spyro, The - Dawn of the Dragon (USA) Legends of Wrestling II (USA) Legion - The Legend of Excalibur (USA) LEGO Racers 2 (USA) LEGO Soccer Mania (USA) Lemmings (Europe) Let's Make a Soccer Team! (Europe) Life Line (USA) Little Britain - The Video Game (Europe) Living World Racing (Europe) LMA Manager 2002 (Europe) LMA Manager 2003 (Europe) LMA Manager 2004 (Europe) LMA Manager 2007 (Europe) London Racer - Destruction Madness (Europe) London Racer - Police Madness (Europe) London Racer - World Challenge (Europe) London Racer II (Europe) London Taxi - Rush Hour (Europe) Looney Tunes - Acme Arsenal (USA) Looney Tunes - Back in Action (USA) Lord of the Rings, The - Aragorn's Quest (USA) Lord of the Rings, The - The Third Age (USA) Lotus Challenge (Europe) Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge (USA) Lumines Plus (USA) Luxor - Pharaoh's Challenge (USA) Madden NFL 12 (USA) Mafia (USA) Mambo (Europe) Mana Khemia - Alchemists of Al-Revis (USA) Manhunt (USA) Maniac Mole (Europe) Margot's Word Brain (Europe) Mashed - Drive to Survive (Europe) Master Chess (Europe) Master Rallye (Europe) Masters of the Universe - He-Man - Defender of Grayskull (Europe) Matrix, The - Path of Neo (USA) MaXXed Out Racing - Nitro (Europe) MaXXed Out Racing (Europe) MegaRace 3 (Europe) Melbourne Cup Challenge (Australia) Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty (USA) Metal Slug 3D (Japan) Metal Slug 6 (Japan) Miami Vice (Europe) Michigan - Report From Hell (Europe) Midnight Club - Street Racing (USA) Mighty Mulan (Europe) Mister Mosquito (USA) MLB 10 - The Show (USA) Moderngroove - Ministry of Sound Edition (Europe) Monopoly (USA) Monster Attack (Europe) Monster Eggs (Europe) Monster Hunter (USA) Monster Rancher EVO (USA) Monster Trux Extreme - Arena Edition (Europe) Monster Trux Extreme - Offroad Edition (Europe) Monsters vs. Aliens (USA) Motorbike King (Europe) Motorsiege - Warriors of Primetime (Europe) MotorStorm Arctic Edge (USA) Mouse Trophy (Europe) Mr. Bean (Europe) Mr. Golf (Europe) MS Saga - A New Dawn (USA) MTV Music Generator 3 - This Is the Remix (USA) Mummy Returns, The (USA) Mummy, The - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (USA) MX Unleashed (USA) MX vs. ATV Unleashed (USA) MX vs. ATV Untamed (USA) Myth Makers - Orbs of Doom (Europe) Myth Makers - Trixie in Toyland (Europe) NARC (USA) Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja 5 (Europe) NBA 2K6 (USA) NBA Jam (USA) NBA Live 06 (USA) NBA Live 07 (USA) NBA Live 08 (USA) NBA Live 09 (USA) NBA Live 2001 (USA) NBA Live 2005 (USA) NCAA Basketball 09 (USA) NCAA Final Four 2003 (USA) NCAA GameBreaker 2003 (USA) NCAA GameBreaker 2004 (USA) NCAA March Madness 06 (USA) NCAA March Madness 07 (USA) NCAA March Madness 08 (USA) NCAA March Madness 2005 (USA) Need for Speed - Underground (USA) Neo Contra (USA) NeoGeo Online Collection Vol. 01 - Garou - Mark of the Wolves (Japan) NFL GameDay 2002 (USA) NFL GameDay 2003 (USA) NFL GameDay 2004 (USA) NFL Head Coach (USA) NFL Street 2 (USA) NHL 06 (USA) NHL 07 (USA) NHL 08 (USA) NHL 09 (USA) NHL 2005 (USA) NHL 2K10 (USA) NHL 2K7 (USA) NHL 2K8 (USA) NHRA Championship Drag Racing (USA) Nicktoons - Attack of the Toybots (USA) Nicktoons Movin' (USA) Nightmare of Druaga, The - Fushigino Dungeon (USA) Nightshade (USA) Ninjabread Man (Europe) Nitrobike (USA) Noble Racing (Europe) Nobunaga's Ambition - Iron Triangle (USA) Nobunaga's Ambition - Rise to Power (USA) Noddy and the Magic Book (Europe) NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 (USA) NRA Gun Club (USA) NYR - New York Race (Europe) Obliterate (Europe) Obscure - The Aftermath (USA) Obscure (USA) Ocean Commander (Europe) Offroad Extreme! (Europe) Okage - Shadow King (USA) One Piece - Grand Adventure (USA) One Piece - Grand Battle (USA) One Piece - Round the Land! (Europe) Oni (USA) Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams (USA) (Disc 1) Onimusha - Dawn of Dreams (USA) (Disc 2) Open Season (USA) Operative, The - No One Lives Forever (USA) Orphen - Scion of Sorcery (USA) P.T.O. IV - Pacific Theater of Operations (USA) Pacific Warriors II - Dogfight (Europe) Pac-Man World 3 (USA) Paddington Bear (Europe) Paparazzi (Europe) Paris-Dakar Rally (USA) Party Carnival (Europe) Party Girls (Europe) Perfect Ace - Pro Tournament Tennis (Europe) Perfect Ace 2 - The Championships (Europe) Petz - Dogz 2 (USA) Phantasy Star Universe - Ambition of the Illuminus (USA) Phantasy Star Universe (USA) Phantom Brave (USA) Piglet's Big Game (USA) Pinball (Europe) Pink Pong (Europe) Pirates - Legend of the Black Buccaneer (USA) Pirates - The Legend of Black Kat (USA) Pirates of the Caribbean - The Legend of Jack Sparrow (USA) Playboy - The Mansion (USA) Playwize Poker & Casino (Europe) Poker Masters (Europe) Pool Paradise - International Edition (Europe) Pool Shark 2 (Europe) Pop Star Academy (Europe) PopStar Guitar (USA) Postman Pat (Europe) Power Rangers - Super Legends - 15th Anniversary (USA) Power Volleyball (Europe) Powerpuff Girls, The - Relish Rampage (USA) Powershot Pinball (Europe) Predator - Concrete Jungle (USA) Premier Manager 08 (Europe) Premier Manager 09 (Europe) Premier Manager 2002-2003 Season (Europe) Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones (USA) Pro Beach Soccer (Europe) Pro Biker 2 (Europe) Pro Evolution Soccer (Europe) Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (USA) Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (USA) Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (Europe) Pro Evolution Soccer Management (Europe) Pro Rally 2002 (Europe) ProStroke Golf - World Tour 2007 (USA) Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy (USA) Psyvariar - Complete Edition (Europe) Puyo Pop Fever (Europe) Puzzle Challenge - Crosswords and More (USA) Puzzle Maniacs (Europe) Puzzle Party - 10 Games (Europe) Q-Ball - Billiards Master (USA) Quest for Aladdin's Treasure, The (Europe) RA.ONE - The Game (India) Raceway - Drag & Stock Racing (Europe) Raging Blades (Europe) Raw Danger! (USA) Rayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc (USA) Rayman Arena (USA) Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 2 (USA) Real World Golf 2007 (Europe) Realm of the Dead (Europe) RealPlay Golf (Europe) RealPlay Pool (Europe) RealPlay Puzzlesphere (Europe) RealPlay Racing (Europe) Rebel Raiders - Operation Nighthawk (USA) Red Baron (Europe) Red Dead Revolver (USA) Red Faction (USA) Red Faction II (USA) Red Ninja - End of Honor (USA) RedCard 20-03 (USA) Resident Evil Code - Veronica X (USA) Retro - 8 Arcade Classics from Yesteryear (Europe) Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Operation Resurrection (USA) Ribbit King (USA) (Disc 1) Ribbit King (USA) (Disc 2) Richard Burns Rally (Europe) Riding Spirits (USA) Riding Spirits II (Europe) Rig Racer 2 (Europe) Ring of Red (USA) Rise of the Kasai (USA) Risk - Global Domination (USA) River King - A Wonderful Journey (USA) Road Trip (USA) Robot Alchemic Drive (USA) Robotech - Battlecry (USA) Robotech - Invasion (USA) Robots (USA) Rock University Presents - The Naked Brothers Band - The Video Game (USA) Rocket Power - Beach Bandits (USA) Rogue Trooper (USA) Roland Garros 2005 - Powered by Smash Court Tennis (Europe) Rolling (Europe) Room Zoom - Race for Impact (Europe) RPM Tuning (Europe) RS3 - Racing Simulation Three (Europe) RTL Ski Jumping 2003 (Germany) RTL Ski Jumping 2004 (Germany) RTL Ski Jumping 2005 (Germany) Rugby League (Europe) Rugby League 2 - World Cup Edition (Europe) Rugrats - Royal Ransom (USA) Rule of Rose (USA) S.L.A.I. - Steel Lancer Arena International (USA) Saint & Sinner (Europe) Samurai Champloo - Sidetracked (USA) Samurai Jack - The Shadow of Aku (USA) Samurai Shodown V (Europe) Samurai Warriors (USA) Samurai Warriors 2 - Empires (USA) Samurai Warriors 2 (USA) Samurai Western (USA) SBK-09 - Superbike World Championship (Europe) Scaler (USA) Scarface - The World Is Yours (USA) Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp (USA) Scooby-Doo! First Frights (USA) Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mayhem (USA) Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights (USA) Scooby-Doo! Unmasked (USA) Scorpion King, The - Rise of the Akkadian (USA) Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure (USA) Sea World - Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (USA) Secret Agent Clank (USA) Secret Saturdays, The - Beasts of the 5th Sun (USA) Secret Service (USA) Secret Weapons Over Normandy (USA) Sega Ages Vol.01 - Phantasy Star Generation (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.02 - Monaco GP (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.03 - Fantasy Zone (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.04 - Space Harrier (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.05 - Golden Axe (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.06 - Bonanza Bros (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.07 - Columns (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.08 - Virtua Racing (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.10 - Afterburner II (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.13 - Outrun (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.18 - Dragon Force (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.19 - Fighting Vipers (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.20 - Space Harrier Complete Collection (Japan) Sega Ages Vol.28 - Tetris Collection (Japan) SEGA Rally Championship (Japan) Sensible Soccer 2006 (Europe) Serious Sam - Next Encounter (USA) Seven Samurai 20XX (USA) Shadow Hearts (USA) ShellShock - Nam '67 (USA) Shepherd's Crossing (USA) Shield, The - The Game (USA) Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 (USA) Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 4 (USA) Shining Force EXA (USA) Shining Force Neo (USA) Shining Tears (USA) Shinobido - Way of the Ninja (Europe) Shogun's Blade (Europe) Showdown - Legends of Wrestling (USA) Shrek 2 (USA) Shrek the Third (USA) Shrek's Carnival Craze (USA) Simpsons Game, The (USA) Simpsons, The - Road Rage (USA) Sims 2, The - Castaway (USA) Sims 2, The - Pets (USA) Sims 2, The (USA) SingStar - Boy Bands vs Girl Bands (Europe) SingStar - The Wiggles (Australia) SingStar (Europe) SingStar '80s (Europe) SingStar '80s (USA) SingStar '90s (Europe) SingStar '90s (USA) SingStar ABBA (USA) SingStar Amped (Germany) SingStar Amped (USA) SingStar Anthems (Europe) SingStar Bollywood (Europe) SingStar Chart Hits (Australia) SingStar Chartbreaker (Germany) SingStar Country (USA) SingStar Die Groessten Solokuenstler (Germany) SingStar Hottest Hits (Europe) SingStar Latino (Spain) SingStar Latino (USA) SingStar Legends (Australia) SingStar Legends (Europe) SingStar Legends (USA) SingStar Motown (Europe) SingStar Party (Europe) SingStar Pop (Europe) SingStar Pop (USA) SingStar Pop Hits (Europe) SingStar Pop Vol. 2 (USA) SingStar Queen (USA) SingStar R&B (Europe) SingStar Rock Ballads (Europe) SingStar Rocks! (Australia) SingStar Rocks! (Europe) SingStar Rocks! (USA) SingStar Singalong with Disney (Europe) SingStar Summer Party (Europe) SingStar Take That (Europe) Siren (USA) Ski and Shoot (USA) Ski Racing 2006 (Europe) Ski-doo Snow X Racing (USA) Sky Odyssey (USA) Sky Surfer (Europe) Slam Tennis (Europe) Smarties - Meltdown (Europe) Smuggler's Run 2 - Hostile Territory (USA) Sniper Elite (USA) Snow Rider (Europe) Snowboard Racer 2 (Europe) Soccer Life! (Europe) Sol Divide (Europe) Soldier of Fortune - Gold Edition (USA) Sonic Mega Collection Plus (USA) Sonic Riders - Zero Gravity (USA) Soul Nomad & the World Eaters (USA) Space Channel 5 - Special Edition (USA) (Disc 1) Space Channel 5 - Special Edition (USA) (Disc 2) Space Chimps (USA) Space Invaders - Invasion Day (Europe) Space Invaders Anniversary (Europe) Space Rebellion (Europe) Space War Attack (Europe) Spartan - Total Warrior (USA) Spawn - Armageddon (USA) Spectral vs Generation (Europe) Speed Challenge - Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision (Europe) Speed Machines III (Europe) Speed Racer (USA) Speedboat GP (Europe) Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (USA) Spider-Man - Friend or Foe (USA) Spider-Man 3 (USA) SpinDrive Ping Pong (Europe) Splashdown (USA) Splatter Master (Europe) SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom (USA) SpongeBob SquarePants - Creature from the Krusty Krab (USA) SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis (USA) Sprint Car Challenge (Europe) Spyro - A Hero's Tail (USA) Spyro - Enter the Dragonfly (USA) Stacked with Daniel Negreanu (USA) Star Wars - Battlefront II (USA) Star Wars - Bounty Hunter (USA) Star Wars - Racer Revenge (USA) Star Wars - The Clone Wars (USA) Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (USA) Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (USA) State of Emergency (USA) State of Emergency 2 (USA) Stealth Force 2 (Europe) Steam Express (Europe) Steambot Chronicles (USA) Steel Dragon EX (Europe) Stella Deus - The Gate of Eternity (USA) Stock Car Crash (Europe) Strawberry Shortcake - The Sweet Dreams Game (USA) Street Boyz (Europe) Street Cricket Champions (India) Street Cricket Champions 2 (India) Street Dance (Europe) Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (USA) Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (USA) Street Fighter EX3 (USA) Street Golfer (Europe) Street Hoops (USA) Street Racing Syndicate (USA) Street Warrior (Europe) Stuart Little 3 - Big Photo Adventure (USA) Stuntman (USA) Sub Rebellion (USA) Suffering, The (USA) Suikoden IV (USA) Suikoden Tactics (USA) Summer Athletics - The Ultimate Challenge (USA) Summer Heat Beach Volleyball (USA) Summoner (USA) Summoner 2 (USA) Sunny Garcia Surfing (USA) Super Bust-A-Move (USA) Super Bust-A-Move 2 (USA) Super Dragon Ball Z (USA) Super Fruit Fall (Europe) Super Monkey Ball Adventure (USA) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (USA) Super PickUps (USA) Super Rugby League 2 (Europe) Super Trucks Racing (USA) Superbike GP (Europe) Super-Bikes - Riding Challenge (Europe) Supercar Street Challenge (USA) Superman - Shadow of Apokolips (USA) Surf's Up (USA) Suzuki TT Superbikes - Real Road Racing Championship (USA) SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom (Europe) Sven - Goran Eriksson's World Cup Challenge (Europe) Swashbucklers - Blue vs. Grey (USA) Tak 2 - The Staff of Dreams (USA) Tak and the Power of Juju (USA) Tale of Despereaux, The (USA) Taxi 3 (France) Taz Wanted (USA) Technic Beat (USA) Teen Titans (USA) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutant Melee (Europe) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 - Mutant Nightmare (USA) Tengai (Europe) Tetris Worlds (USA) Theme Park Roller Coaster (USA) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (USA) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (USA) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 (USA) TNA iMPACT! (USA) TOCA Race Driver 3 (USA) Tokyo Road Race (Europe) Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero (USA) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter (USA) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Jungle Storm (USA) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (USA) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lockdown (USA) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 (USA) Tomb Raider - Anniversary (USA) Top Trumps - Doctor Who (Europe) Top Trumps Adventures Vol. 1 - Horror & Predators (Europe) Total Club Manager 2004 (Europe) Total Club Manager 2005 (Europe) Total Immersion Racing (USA) Total Overdose - A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico (USA) Toy Story 3 (USA) Toys Room, The (Europe) Transformers - The Game (USA) TransWorld Surf (USA) Trapt (USA) Trigger Man (USA) Trivial Pursuit Unhinged (USA) Truck Racer (Europe) Truck Racing 2 (Europe) TT Superbikes Legends (Europe) Turbo Trucks (Europe) Turok - Evolution (USA) Twenty 2 Party (Europe) Twin Caliber (Europe) Twisted Metal - Black Online (USA) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 - Bush Rescue (USA) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 - Night of the Quinkan (USA) UEFA Challenge (Europe) UEFA Champions League - Season 2001-2002 (Europe) UFC - Sudden Impact (USA) Ultimate Casino (Europe) Ultimate Fighting Championship - Throwdown (USA) Ultimate Mind Games (Europe) Ultimate Music Quiz, The (Europe) Ultimate Pro Pinball (Europe) Ultimate Sports Quiz, The (Europe) Ultimate Trivia Quiz, The (Europe) Ultimate TV & Film Quiz, The (Europe) Ultimate World Cup Quiz, The (Europe) U-Move Super Sports (Europe) Under the Skin (USA) Underworld - The Eternal War (Europe) Unison - Rebels of Rhythm & Dance (USA) Unlimited Saga (USA) Up (USA) Urban Constructor (Europe) Urban Extreme (Europe) Urban Reign (USA) USA Racer (Europe) V.I.P. 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Capsule Monster Coliseum (USA) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - The Beginning of Destiny (USA) Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses (USA) Zombie Attack (Europe) Zombie Hunters (Europe) Zombie Hunters 2 (Europe) Zombie Virus (Europe) Zoo Puzzle (Europe) ZooCube (Europe)
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    I have started working on the missing video snaps for Commodore 64. Below is the list of titles in my first batch, which will keep me busy for a while If others are also working on missing C64 video snaps, we can use this thread to avoid duplicate work! 221B Baker Street (USA) (Disk 1) 720 Degrees (USA) Aegean Voyage (USA) Alley Cat (Europe) Apple Cider Spider (USA) Arctic Shipwreck (USA) Bagitman (Europe) Batalyx (Europe) Bath Time (Europe) Below the Root (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Bionic Commando (USA) Bizy-Beezzzz (Europe) Blade Runner (Europe) Blue Thunder (Europe) Booga-Boo the Flea (Europe) Brian Bloodaxe (Europe) Bristles (USA) Bruce Lee II (USA) (Unl) Bubbler (USA) Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA) (Side A) Burnin' Rubber (Europe) C64anabalt (Encore) (Europe) (Unl) Caesar the Cat (Europe) Caesar's Travels (Europe) Castles of Doctor Creep , The (USA) Caverns of Khafka (USA) Champions of Krynn (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Chessmaster 2000, The (USA) (Side A) Clean Up Service (Europe) Clean Up Time (Europe) Cliff Hanger (Europe) Cops'n'Robbers (Europe) Countdown to Shutdown (USA) Dante's Inferno (USA) Dragon's Lair Part II - Escape from Singe's Castle (Europe) Dropzone (Europe) Elidon (Europe) Entombed (USA) Falcon Patrol (Europe) Falcon Patrol II (Europe) Fiona Rides Out (Europe) Flip and Flop (USA) Gateway to Apshai (USA) Ghost Chaser (USA) Gogo the Ghost (Europe) Heart of Africa (USA) (Side A) House of Usher (Europe) Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (Europe) Hunt for Red October, The (Europe) Imhotep (USA) Jack and the Beanstalk (Thor Computer Software) (Europe) Jupiter Lander (Commodore) (USA) Kokotoni Wilf (Europe) Leaderboard Executive (USA) Legionnaire (USA) Mad Doctor (Europe) Mancopter (USA) Manic Miner (Europe) Mission Impossible (USA) New York City (USA) Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (Europe) Olli & Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure (Europe) Ollie's Follies (USA) Pancho (France) Pedro (Europe) Pesky Painter (Europe) Pharaoh's Curse (USA) Polar Pierre (USA) Pole Position (USA) Pool of Radiance (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Popeye (Parker Brothers) (USA) Quak-Attak (Europe) Quasimodo (USA) Questron (USA) (Side A) Questron II (USA) (Disk 3) Quo Vadis (Europe) Rags to Riches (USA) Raid on Bungeling Bay (USA) Realm of Impossibility (USA) Save New York (USA) Search for King Solomon's Mines, The (USA) Seven Cities of Gold (USA) (Side A) SkateRock (Europe) Spike's Peak (USA) Sword of Fargoal, The (USA) Tales of the Arabian Nights (Europe) Tass Times in Tonetown (USA) (Side A) Temple of Apshai, The (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Tir Na Nog (Europe) Tooth Invaders (USA) Toy Bizarre (USA) Trap Door, The (Europe) Trollie Wallie (Europe) Tropical Fever (USA) (Unl) Trashman (New Generation Software) (Europe) Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle (USA) Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (USA) Ultima III - Exodus (USA) Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny (USA) (Disk 1 Side A) Ultimate Wizard (USA) (Side A)
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    The MAME video snap set has been updated to 148u2 on the FTP and Download Service. You can follow all of the progress on the MAME video set in this thread in our forums. Special thanks to joe35car and brolly for their help with auditing the set. Videos Snaps Added / Updated
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    Now that we have multiple Front-Ends accessing our Download Service I decided to take a look and compare how they are all doing. For the longest time our own universal downloading app has held the lead, but now HyperSync (The Auto Downloader for HyperSpin) has finally taken the lead. With HyperSpin 1.3 releasing later today with MP4 support (Finally) this number should really explode. The EM DSU drops to second with GameEx coming in 3rd. EmuControl Center and GameBrowser are newer additions and don't seem to have taken off just yet. Continue reading to see the full breakdown, please note that these numbers only include transfers over our API and does not include Site or FTP downloads. Bandwidth last 30 days by product Download Service Utility - 2970 GB ECC - 11 GB GameBrowser - 7 GB GameEx - 228 GB HyperSync - 3182 GB
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    Here is the list of the new PlayStation 2 video snaps I added today. The videos have been uploaded to the FTP file server and Automated Download Service. Videos Added / Updated
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    The following sets have been updated this week. Understand that not all videos have been added to the download sections yet as it takes a lot of time and I am trying desperately to get all of the sets audited to HyperList as quickly as possible. Everything is available on the Download Service and FTP. Video Snap Sets Updated MAME - 31 Videos Added Credit - Circo Colecovision - 140 Videos Added (New 480p Set) Credit - Circo Visual Pinball 4:3 - 160 Videos Added Credit - Dave Horsefield Sony Playstation - 34 Videos Added/Updated Credit - Circo Nintendo Wii - 5 Videos Added Credit - Circo Nintendo GameCube - 32 Videos Added Credit - Circo Games For Windows - 15 Videos Added Credit - Circo Sony Playstation 2 - 51 Videos Added Credit - Circo Fairchild Channel F - 1 Video Added Credit - Circo Casio PV-1000 - 5 Videos Added (New 480p Set) Credit - Circo Nintendo NES - 21 Videos Added/Updated Credit - Circo DICE - 4 Videos Added/Updated (New 480p Set) Credit - Circo Nintendo 64 - 14 Videos Added/Updated Credit - Nino System Intro Videos Added Amstrad CPC DICE Colecovision Commodore Amiga Emerson Arcadia 2001 Fairchild Channel F Magnavox Odyssey 2 Microsoft MSX Microsoft MSX 2 Microsoft MSX 2+ Sega Saturn
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    Note: These updates are currently only on the FTP and Download service. MAME 146 Update - 1809 videos added or replaced Credit - Circo Commodore Vic-20 - 743 videos added Credit - Vicman Amstrad CPC - 12 videos added Credit - Dave Horsefield Fairchild Channel F - 31 videos replaced Credit - Barmac VTech Creativision - 17 videos replaced Credit - Barmac Commodore CDTV - 4 videos added Credit - Falcon Nintendo Entertainment System - 232 videos added or replaced Credit - Circo, Mobaholic
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    This service really takes this project to a whole other level, thanks guys!
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    I try to download the Commodore 64 snaps and videos but after a while it pops up a msg window of Download Service Utility "Search Error: First pass validation error". I have tried many times but it keeps appear this msg at the same point (2761/2951). Any help ?
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    Zelda Breath of the Wild (USA).mp4
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    Jett Tailfin (Europe).mp4 Jeopardy! (USA).mp4 Just Dance Kids 2014 (USA).mp4 Just Dance - Disney Party 2 (USA).mp4 Just Dance 4 (Europe).mp4 Just Dance 4 (USA).mp4 Just Dance 2014 (Europe).mp4 Just Dance 2014 (USA).mp4 Just Dance 2015 (Europe).mp4 Just Dance 2015 (USA).mp4 Just Dance 2016 (Europe).mp4 Just Dance 2016 (USA).mp4 Just Dance 2017 (Europe).mp4 Just Dance 2017 (USA).mp4
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    Ask and you shall receive... Xenoblade Chronicles X (USA).mp4
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    Ben 10 - Omniverse (USA).mp4 Ben 10 - Omniverse 2 (USA).mp4 Brunswick Pro Bowling (USA).mp4 Baila Latino (Europe).mp4 Barbie and Her Sisters - Puppy Rescue (USA).mp4 Barbie Dreamhouse Party (USA).mp4 Batman - Arkham City - Armored Edition (USA).mp4 Batman - Arkham Origins (USA).mp4 Bayonetta (USA).mp4 Bayonetta 2 (USA).mp4
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    After a small break Nintendo GameCube has finally been updated again with 119 new Video Snaps. Thanks again to Monyet for 32 new submissions. While this set is still a work in progress we now have 461 completed video snaps and only 175 remaining. Video Snaps Updated / Added 007 - Everything or Nothing (USA) 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan (USA) Avatar - The Last Airbender (USA) Backyard Baseball (USA) Baten Kaitos Origins (USA) (Disc 1) Baten Kaitos Origins (USA) (Disc 2) Beyond Good & Evil (USA) Blowout (USA) BMX XXX (USA) Bomberman Jetters (USA) Cel Damage (USA) Dark Summit (USA) Disney Sports - Basketball (USA) Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure (USA) Evolution Worlds (USA) F1 2002 (USA) FIFA Soccer 06 (USA) FIFA Soccer 07 (USA) FIFA Soccer 2002 (USA) FIFA Soccer 2003 (USA) FIFA Soccer 2004 (USA) FIFA Soccer 2005 (USA) FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 (USA) Fight Night Round 2 (USA) Freaky Flyers (USA) (Disc 1) Freaky Flyers (USA) (Disc 2) Freestyle MetalX (USA) Home Run King (USA) Intellivision Lives! (USA) Italian Job, The (USA) Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (USA) Legacy of Kain, The - Blood Omen 2 (USA) Legend of Zelda, The - Collector's Edition (USA) Legend of Zelda, The - The Wind Waker (USA) Legend of Zelda, The - Twilight Princess (USA) Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (USA) Lost Kingdoms (USA) Madden NFL 06 (USA) Madden NFL 07 (USA) Madden NFL 08 (USA) Madden NFL 2002 (USA) Madden NFL 2003 (USA) Madden NFL 2004 (USA) (v1.01) Madden NFL 2005 (USA) Major League Baseball 2K6 (USA) Mario Power Tennis (USA) Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge (USA) Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 (USA) Metroid Prime (USA) Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes (USA) Midway Arcade Treasures (USA) Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (USA) Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (USA) Mortal Kombat - Deception (USA) MVP Baseball 2004 (USA) MVP Baseball 2005 (USA) MX SuperFly featuring Ricky Carmichael (USA) Namco Museum (USA) Naruto - Clash of Ninja 2 (USA) NASCAR - Dirt to Daytona (USA) NASCAR 2005 - Chase for the Cup (USA) NBA 2K2 (USA) NBA 2K3 (USA) NBA Street (USA) NBA Street V3 (USA) NBA Street Vol. 2 (USA) NCAA College Football 2K3 (USA) NCAA Football 2003 (USA) NCAA Football 2004 (USA) NCAA Football 2005 (USA) Need for Speed - Carbon (USA) Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 (USA) Need for Speed - Most Wanted (USA) NFL Blitz 2002 (USA) NFL Blitz 2003 (USA) NFL Blitz Pro (USA) NFL Street (USA) NFL Street 2 (USA) NHL 2005 (USA) NHL 2K3 (USA) NHL Hitz 2003 (USA) NHL Hitz Pro (USA) Resident Evil - Code - Veronica X (USA) (Disc 1) Resident Evil - Code - Veronica X (USA) (Disc 2) Resident Evil 4 (USA) (Disc 1) Resident Evil 4 (USA) (Disc 2) Ribbit King (USA) RoadKill (USA) Robotech - Battlecry (USA) Robots (USA) Rocky (USA) R-Racing Evolution (USA) Rugrats - Royal Ransom (USA) Samurai Jack - The Shadow of Aku (USA) Scaler (USA) Scooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem (USA) Scooby-Doo! - Night of 100 Frights (USA) Scooby-Doo! - Unmasked (USA) Scorpion King, The - Rise of the Akkadian (USA) SeaWorld Adventure Parks - Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures (USA) Second Sight (USA) Sega Soccer Slam (USA) Serious Sam - Next Encounter (USA) Shadow the Hedgehog (USA) Shrek 2 (USA) Sims 2, The - Pets (USA) Sims 2, The (USA) Sims, The (USA) Star Wars - Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike (USA) Street Racing Syndicate (USA) Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (USA) Ultimate Spider-Man (USA) Urbz, The - Sims in the City (USA) Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo (USA) WarioWare, Inc. - Mega Party Game$! (USA) Whirl Tour (USA) WWE Crush Hour (USA) WWE Day of Reckoning (USA) WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (USA)
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    I have gone through all the different member classes and set likes to unlimited, can't believe this was limited by default. Also set it (hopefully) where all members can now add attachments to forum posts and personal messages.
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    My excuse to the wife was they speed up video encoding and adobe.
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    Version 1.0


    I intended to do the "Best System Intro Movie" in better quality but ended up with this instead, Includes: new song: Gunlord - Main title Games that time forgot (edited) Hyperspin Original intro (edited) MTV Game Award 09 (edited) Sound effects from Pond5.com and Soundsnap.com it's 720p (some of it upscaled) not the mtv part though. hope you like it.
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    I have added or replaced 569 video snaps for MAME. Still some more to go until I do another update in the downloads section, but these can be found on the FTP and Download service in the 480p section. As a part of this update all of the videos for the SNK Classics database were redone and are included. SNK Classics was also added as a System. Videos Added/Replaced - 569 (Circo) Spoiler 1943aj 1943j 1943u 2020bb 30test 3countb 64street 99lstwar 99lstwara 99lstwark ace aerolitos airass alinvade alpham2 alphamis alphaone americna aodk aof aof2 aof3 ar_argh ar_blast ar_dlta ar_pm aracnis arcadian arian arkretrn aso assaultp asteroid6 astinvad astorm astropal athena atlantisb attackfc ballboy bangbead battlera bbust2 bbuster bbusters bcruzm12 bermudat bestri bgareggat2 bingo bjourney blastaball blazstar blockade blocken bm1stmix bm2ndmix bm3rdmix bm4thmix bm5thmix bm6thmix bm7thmix bmcompm2 bmcpokr bnstars1 bogeyman bonanza bonzeadv breakers breakrev bssoccer bstars bstars2 btlfield bublcave bublredux bullsdrtg burningf canvas caractn carket carrera casanova champbas chaoshea chewheel chinatow chopper cocoloco countryc cppicf cprogolf18 cps3boot cps3boota cps3bootoa cps3bs32 cps3bs32a crazywar crsword crystal crystalc crzcross ctomaday cubeqst cutefght cyberlip czmon_13 danceyes dazzler dblewing ddonpacha ddpdfk ddpdojblk deltrace demon depthch desertdn djboyj dkongpne dkongx11 dogosoke dogyuun dolmen donpachi dotrikun doubledr drgw2 drgw3 dsmbl dwex ebases eggs eggsplc eightman elfin endless endrichs faceoff fantasy fatfursp fatfury1 fatfury2 fatfury3 fbfrenzy ffreveng fightfev fireshrk fitegolf flipmaze flipshot fort2b fruitpc fsoccer fswords ftimpcta futaribl galactic galaga3 galaga3a galaga3b galaga3c galaga3m galaxyfg gallag50 ganryu gaplus garou gdarius2 gensitou ghostlop gluck2 goalx3 goldfrui goldmedl gostop gowcaizr gpilots grdian gslugrsj gstream gunchamp gunfight gunlock gwar gwarj hal21 hamaway happy6 headon1 headonmz hero hidctch2 hidnc2k hidnctch hmcompm2 hsf2 ikari ikari3 ikari3j ikari3k ikarijp ikarijpb irrmaze jailbrek jankenmn jcross jetwave jongbou joyfulr joyjoy jpcoin2 jubileep jumpjump kamikaze karnova kenseim ketarr ketarr151 kf10thep kf2k2mp kf2k2mp2 kf2k2pla kf2k2pls kf2k3pcb kf2k3pl kf2k3upl kf2k5uni kidniki killbldp kingpin kizuna kof10th kof2000 kof2001 kof2002 kof2002xxx kof2003 kof2k4se kof94 kof95 kof96 kof97 kof97oro kof97pls kof97xxx kof98 kof99 koikoi kollon koshien kosmokil kotm kotm2 kov2p kuniokun kuniokunb lacrazyc lasso lastblad lastbld2 lastsold lbeach lbowling leader legendos legion legofair lhcdb logger looping lresort lunapark machridra madcrash madcrush mahjngoh mahretsu mainsnk marvins mechatt megaphx megat meijinsn mgames mgcldtex mineswpr misncrft mlanding mmmbanc mnchmobl monaco mongolnw mosyougi mrdonight ms4plus ms5pcb ms5plus mslug mslug2 mslug3 mslug3b6 mslug3v mslug4 mslug5 mslugx mtjpoker musicbal mustang mutnat myfairld nam1975 natodef natodefa nbajamex neocup98 neraidou nhidctch nightrai ninjamas nss_lwep nzeroteam olds olibochu otenamhf otenamih outrunen ozmawars pacapp pacminer paddlema panicr pballoon pbobbl2n pbss330 pc_bstar pc_cshwk pc_dbldr pc_ddrgn peip0041 penfan pepp0043 pepp0053 pepp0055 pepp0120 pepp0127 pepp0434 pepp0452 pepp0508 pepp0514 pepp0542 pepp0775 peps0021 peps0042 peps0296 peps0426 pex0040p pex0046p pex0053p pex0055p pex0158p pex0188p pex0190p pex0197p pex0203p pex0224p pex0225p pex0265p pex0291p pex0430p pex0434p pex0447p pex0449p pex0451p pex0452p pex0454p pex0458p pex0508p pex0514p pex0515p pex0536p pex0537p pex0581p pex0588p pex0725p pex0726p pex0727p pex0763p pex2018p pex2025p pex2026p pex2027p pex2031p pex2035p pex2036p pex2040p pex2042p pex2045p pex2067p pex2068p pex2070p pex2172p pex2241p pex2244p pex2245p pex2250p pex2251p pex2283p pex2284p pex2302p pex2303p pex2307p pex2314p pex2374p pex2377p pex2440p pex2461p pexmp030 pgalvip pongd popn1 popn3 pow powyak96 powyakex ppsatan prehisle progolf psychos psyforce psyvaria psyvarrv puzzli2 puzzli2s puzzloop pwrkick pzlestar qgh qjinsei qsww quizrd34 qwak r2dx_v33 raiden2 raidendx raycris raystorm rbff1 rbff2 rbffspec rbibb rcirulet realbrod record ridhero roboarmy rolcrush roul route16 rvschoolu safarir sams64 samsh5sp samsho samsho2 samsho2k samsho3 samsho4 samsho4k samsho5 sasuke satansat savagere sbasebal screwloo seabattl searchar searcharu sengoku sengoku2 sengoku3 sengokuh sfa3 sfchamp sfex2 sfiii2 sfkick sfz2al sgladiat sgmast sgmt1 shanghss shangtou sharkatt shikigam skyadvntu skysoldr socbrawl soccernw solfight soutenry spaceph spacezap spuzbobl sshot ssideki ssideki2 ssideki3 ssideki4 star100 streetsm superspy svc svcpcb svcplus svcsplus svgpcb sws97 sws99 tapatune tdfever tdfever2 tekken2 tempest theglad threeds timesold tinv2650 tnextspc tnk3 topbladv topgear tophuntr topsecrt totcarib toto touryuu tpgolf trckydoc turbo turrett twinspri usagi usg32 vangrd2 vanguard victroad videtron vsgradus waveshrk wh2 wh2j whp witch wivernwg wmg wonder3 worldwar wrecking wyvernf0 x2222 xiistag xtheball zarzon zeroteam zerowing1 zokuoten zooo zupapa zwackery Click here to view the article
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    Working on it ugh, this is a battle. We stopped it once but this is happening all over with forums it seems. Cross platform as well. Only seems to affect Google search though. Will post when we have more info.
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    It is with a lot of relief that I can finally announce that we have a complete Nintendo Gamecube video snap set. The final includes 566 playable game videos and 69 "Not Playable" videos. Of course as Dolphin improves I will replace the non-playable vids with normal video snaps. The High Quality versions are available via our FTP and Download Service and normal quality [240p] versions can be found in our download section. Sample http://emumovies.com/video/gamecube480.mp4 Videos Included In Set
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    A little background first... I signed up in 2011 and just never used the site. <frowny face> </frowny face> But, today I decided I needed to update my arcade SNES snapshots. So, I logged in. And downloaded the Download Utility. I pointed it my rom directory. And 8 seconds later I had all my snapshots. So, now I am a Lifetime Member. The quality of the product sold me in less than a minute. That was my story. Thanks. <smiley face></smiley face>
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    Thought I should drop in and post an update since I have been quiet lately. Between the kids being out of school and special projects at work I have just been slammed. I have a pile of mail in my inbox and stuff to get back to and time has been hard to come by. Thankfully things seem to be calming down a bit at work and I should have an extra day or two per week coming up to get through my backlog. Tons of submissions waiting to be finalized is exciting. August should be a great month for new content.
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    Yes brolly now that I'm in this project I will only stop when it's finished.
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    We have been busy improving access to our content and a new version of the download service utility has been released with much improved performance. We have also improved our API to make processing faster for other uses of the API in the future including HyperSync. The performance improvements in most instances will be staggering when it comes to searching and matching your content and the utility now downloads two files with up to three concurrent API accesses at a time to maximize your bandwidth usage. You can find the Latest Version of our Download Service Utility by following the link provided. Download
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    Thanks to member fdmc732 for submitting 91 of the 93 videos included in this update for Super Nintendo. Most of the videos are of Japan releases many of which are translated. We also added a new system intro video today submitted by DamnedRegistrations that is for Super Famicom. The video snaps have been uploaded to the FTP and Download Service. Video Snaps Added / Updated Accele Brid (Japan) [Translated] Acrobat Mission (Japan) Adventures of Hourai High School, The (Japan) [Translated] Aim for the Ace! (Japan) [Translated] Ancient Magic (Japan) [Translated] Arabian Nights (Japan) [Translated] Ball Bullet Gun (Japan) [Translated] Bastard!! - Dark God of Destruction (Japan) [Translated] Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (Japan) Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S - Kondo wa Puzzle de Oshioki yo! (Japan) Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S - Kurukkurin (Japan) Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Super S - Fuwa Fuwa Panic (Japan) Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Super S - Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (Japan) Brandish 2 - The Planet Buster (Japan) [Translated] Burning Heroes (Japan) [Translated] Burning Pro Wrestling (Japan) [Translated] Choujikuu Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie (Japan) Crystal Beans - From Dungeon Explorer (Japan) [Translated] Cyborg 009 (Japan) [Translated] DoReMi Fantasy - Milon's Quest (Japan) [Translated] Dossun! Stone Battle (Japan) [Translated] Dragon Ball Z - Hyper Dimension (Japan) [Translated] Dragon Ball Z - Legend of the Super Saiyan (Japan) [Translated] Dragon Quest I+II (Japan) [Translated] Dragon Squadron Danzarb (Japan) [Translated] Dream Maze - The Kigurumi Adventure (Japan) [Translated] Dual Orb II (Japan) [Translated] Emerald Dragon (Japan) [Translated] Energy Breaker (Japan) [Translated] Famicom Detective Club Part II (Japan) [Translated] Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1) Fire Emblem - Monshou no Nazo (Japan) [Translated] Fire Emblem - Seisen no Keifu (Japan) [Translated] Fire Emblem - Thracia 776 (Japan) [Translated] Flying Hero - Bugyuru no Daibouken (Japan) [Translated] Funaki Masakatsu Hybrid Wrestler - Tougi Denshou (Japan) [Translated] Fushigi no Dungeon 2 - Fuurai no Shiren (Japan) [Translated] Go Go Ackman (Japan) [Translated] Go Go Ackman 2 (Japan) Go Go Ackman 3 (Japan) Gokujou Parodius (Japan) Gulliver Boy (Japan) [Translated] Heracles no Eikou III - Kamigami no Chinmoku (Japan) [Translated] Hiouden - Legend of the Scarlet King - The Demonic Oath (Japan) [Translated] Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius (Japan) King of Demons (Japan) [Translated] Kunio-kun no Dodgeball dayo Zenin Shuugou! (Japan) [Translated] Lennus II (Japan) [Translated] Little Master Episode 3 (Japan) [Translated] Madou Monogatari - Hanamaru Daiyouchienji (Japan) [Translated] Maerchen Adventure Cotton 100 (Japan) Magical Drop (Japan) [Translated] Magical Drop 2 (Japan) Mahou Poi Poi Poitto! (Japan) Mega Man & Bass (Japan) [Translated] Metal Max Returns (Japan) [Translated] Mickey and Donald - Magical Adventure 3 (Japan) [Translated] Miracle Girls (Japan) [Translated] Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Japan) [Translated] Mobile Suit Gundam - Cross Dimension 0079 (Japan) [Translated] Mobile Suit Gundam F91 - Formula Wars 0122 (Japan) [Translated] Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Endless Duel (Japan) [Translated] Mobile Suit V Gundam (Japan) [Translated] Neugier - Umi to Kaze no Kodou (Japan) [Translated] Panic in Nakayoshi World (Japan) Papuwa (Japan) [Translated] Radical Dreamers (Japan) [Translated] Ranma 1-2 - Treasure of the Red Cat Gang (Japan) [Translated] Sanrio World Smash Ball (Japan) Sengoku Denshou (Japan) Shin Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio-tachi no Banka (Japan) [Translated] Silva Saga II - The Legend of Light and Darkness (Japan) [Translated] Snoopy Concert (Japan) Space Knight Tekkaman Blade (Japan) [Translated] Spriggan Powered (Japan) Super Bomberman 4 (Japan) [Translated] Super Bomberman 5 (Japan) Super Bonk 2 (Japan) [Translated] Super Gussun Oyoyo (Japan) Super Gussun Oyoyo 2 (Japan) [Translated] Super Mario World (USA) Super Robot Wars 3 (Japan) [Translated] Super Ultra Baseball 2 (Japan) [Translated] Tenchi Muyo! - The Game (Japan) [Translated] Tomorrow's Joe (Japan) [Translated] Torneko no Daibouken - Fushigi no Dungeon (Japan) [Translated] Treasure Hunter G (Japan) [Translated] Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (Japan) [Translated] Violinist of Hamelin, The (Japan) [Translated] Wizardry - Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Japan) [Translated] Wizardry I-II-III - Story of Llylgamyn (Japan) [Translated] Wonder Project J - Mechanical Boy Pino (Japan) [Translated] Ys IV - Mask of the Sun (Japan) [Translated]
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    EmuMovies member Monyet and I have been putting some time in with Nintendo GameCube this month and we have 211 new Video Snaps completed. I decided to start over as emulation has somewhat improved and relatively it's a smaller set. I also saw an opportunity to increase the quality of the whole set. Continue reading for a full file list of what video snaps were added today. Below is a full list of the Video Snaps that were added to Nintendo Gamecube. All videos are available on the FTP and Download Service. Videos Added / Updated
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    Videos Added to Sega 32x (Specialt1212) These are currently available on the FTP and DSU Doom Expansion [Hack] Sonic in Chaotix [Hack] Sonic the Hedgehog 32x [Port] Soulstar X (USA) (Proto) Virtua Hamster (USA) (Proto) X-Men (USA) (Proto)
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    Damm right! I dont pay to support this site and let others get it for free! This site is invaluable to the retro gamer, I cannot believe some people would stoop so low!
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    From the album New Build

    Just a shot of my old arcade machine. Built this up a long time ago when I had no money, no tools, no skill. Had Lowes cut the MDF, borrowed a drill and put a bunch of junk parts in it I got from dumpster diving, trash collections or donations The X-Arcade was from when I used to do reviews for htpcnews.com and the cabinet was built around it. Had to make it a slim profile cabinet as there really isn't much room for a full sized one. Recently the 19" 4x3 LCD died and I had to replace it. Once that happened though the itch to rebuild using hyperspin really got to me and I had to start. Next cabinet will still be a slim profile but with many improvements. I now have a garage full of tools, more experience with making stuff, and a garage full of materials to get me started. Currently I'm working on the PC side getting all the roms managed right, organized, movies and artwork downloaded, setting up hyperspin etc etc. I'll post updates of the build as it starts.
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    Version 20150104


    Image Count: 1,480 File Format: PNG Resolutions: 640x480
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    Please post this in the beta testing thread.
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    just an idea, but I have to keep renaming these downloads so i can keep track of which beta it is...anyway to have be something like "Download Service Utility0.6.exe" ? thanks..not a big deal