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    Huge update for Windows video snaps, 5,127 new videos! Due to the size of the windows video snaps collection it is currently only hosted on our ftp and emumovies sync. Needless to say, sync is working a whole lot better now when it comes to games for windows. Thanks to @ralf667, @Riffman81, @Fires, @Brakker for submitting captures. The complete set is 5,917 videos clocking in at 46GB. Enjoy! Videos Added/Replaced - 5,127 @Circo, @ralf667, @Riffman81, @Fires, @Brakker List of videos added - EmuMovies Microsoft Windows Video Snap Pack
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    I need to get out at least one of these a month, more than that if i'm honest. I present to you the next video in our Parallax series of system platform videos. The background music for this video was from Michael Sobin's YouTube video, Contra (nes/dendy) - All stages OST Metal cover. please let me know which system you would like to see get a Parallax intro next. You can download the video from the EmuMovies Download Area, FTP and EmuMovies Sync Visit the EmuMovies Nintendo Entertainment System Download Area