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Wii U Covers

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Wii U Covers

Only Disney Infinity 3.0 missing. I cannot find a high res image.

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    • By kbriggs346
      So I have gone back and changed some videos and the should be the finale versions (unless someone supplies better video sources). From this point on i will be releasing them by letter and named according to the official hyperspin xml. I will try to include the Japanese and other missing titles  titles as well....enjoy
      Amazing Spider-Man, The - Ultimate Edition (USA).mp4
      Angry Birds Star Wars (USA).mp4
      Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (USA).mp4
      Adventure Time - Finn and Jake Investigations (USA).mp4
      Adventure Time - Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (USA).mp4
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      Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag (USA).mp4
      Assassin's Creed III (USA).mp4
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      Animal Crossing - amiibo Festival (USA).mp4
      Angry Birds Trilogy (USA).mp4
    • By jevansoh
      I've used HyperSync and looked on the FTP but I can't find a complete wheel set for PSP and Wii nor can I find a complete video set or other artwork such as a good sized set of fades, bezels, etc.
      I mainly need wheels (for HyperSpin) and videos, though.
      Can someone point me in the right direction?
    • By Dthurnall27
      Hey everyone I am looking for some Wii video snaps and wheel art work to finish up my kids Arcade build any help would be great.