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Video Snap and Artwork Resource Since 2005
Emumovies is dedicated to archiving video game artwork for use in the many Video Game Launching front-ends available to the community.  Our primary focus is carefully edited gameplay videos or Video Snaps.  To date we have created over 100,000 Video Snaps of all your favorite classic video games.  In addition to videos EmuMovies also archives Boxes, Carts, Discs, Manuals, Game & Title Snaps and much more.  You can access this content via our Downloads Section or our EmuMovies Download Utility.  Many front-ends tie into our API for automatic content scraping such as HyperSpin and GameEx.  So have fun setting up your custom gaming experience with EmuMovies and please, come say hi in our forums.

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Latest News

Amstrad CPC Updated (355 Videos Added)

Aug 16 2015 08:08 PM | Circo in Site News

These have been hanging around for awhile but the edits are done and finally posted. Just added 355 new videos for the Amstrad CPC. Big thanks to dave horsefield for these submissions. If you would like to add more submissions for this set please re...

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New System Intro Videos

Aug 05 2015 04:08 PM | Circo in Site News

Hey everyone, this is going to be an august full of updates and to get us started we have six new System Intro Videos. Super Nintendo Sony Playstation Sega Master System Sega CD Sega Genesis and Nintendo NES Big thanks to DamnedRegistrations...

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(Resolved) F.T.P. and Download Service Issues

Jun 08 2015 05:06 AM | Circo in Site News

Update #1 - 06/08/2015 2:00AM PST The Download Service and API is back online. Update #2 - 06/08/2015 12:00PM PST The F.T.P. is back online. I thought we had everything fixed but we are still having an issue with account verification for the...

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New ScummVM Video Snap Set (210 Videos)

May 22 2015 11:05 PM | Circo in Site News

Finally getting around to adding these here is 210 new video snaps for ScummVM. Thanks to the_poon for submitting the captures. Al alwasy you can find the 240p videos in the download section and the high quality videos on the ftp or download service....

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M.A.M.E. System Intro Video (2015)

May 02 2015 08:05 AM | Circo in Site News

DamnedRegistrations is working on a new set of into videos for 2015 and the first is for M.A.M.E. These intro videos include 23 clips of games and should be a nice change up for people that set up their arcades a few years ago and would like a refresh....

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Sony PSP Updated (74 Videos)

Feb 26 2015 06:02 AM | Circo in Site News

Another round of new PSP videos for you guys. This update includes 74 new video snaps. As I mentioned in the previous update a few days ago this set is still very much in WIP status and therefore only available on the F.T.P. and Download Service. This...

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Sony PSP Updated (93 Videos)

Feb 23 2015 06:02 AM | Circo in Site News

Last time I tried Sony PSP emulation I was less than impressed, a couple of years makes all of the difference though. And I have been having a lot of fun playing around with it and here is the first batch of video snaps. This update includes 93 new vid...

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ArcadePC Updated (3 Videos)

Feb 10 2015 01:02 PM | Circo in Site News

Today we have three new video snaps for the ArcadePC set. This catches the set up to date and brings the total video count to 35. Thanks to ralf667 for the submissions. Videos Added: 3 (ralf667)DeathSmiles IIFar Cry Instincts - Paradise LostRe-Volt...

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