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EmuMovies Member Classes (2016 Edition)

Feb 10 2016 11:02 AM | Circo in Site News

I have some new Member Class information for 2016 and limits are going up! Advanced members have been upgraded to 2GB per day and we have a new class "Awesome Members". Basic Members384kb/s bandwidth cap1 Gigabyte data transfer per dayBasic Access...

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Super Famicom Video Snaps Added

Feb 10 2016 04:02 AM | Circo in Main

Added a new EmuMovies Super Famicom video snap pack, some of these videos used to be in the Super Nintendo set but I have separated them out and added 14 new videos to complete the set. Naming has also been corrected. The pack includes 697 videos....

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Super Nintendo Video Snaps Updated

Feb 09 2016 07:02 PM | Circo in Main

This is just a minor update of the EmuMovies Super Nintendo video snap set, changes include: Japanese games removed (Moving to Super Famicom} Naming was updated 240p Encoding was improved Download section was consolidated to RAR packs vs individua...

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Nintendo Famicom Video Snaps Updated

Feb 01 2016 11:02 PM | Circo in Site News

Now the set is complete, added 23 more videos and updated naming on the set. Appreciate the feedback guys. There were also some duplicates in the first release an now that has been fixed. Videos Added - 23 (Circo) Battle Storm (Japan) (Translated...

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EmuMovies is Under Construction

Feb 01 2016 09:02 AM | Circo in Site News

We have some pretty major changes coming up for the EmuMovies website. In a month or two (hopefully) I will be moving the site to a new platform. In order to make the transition a lot of stuff has to be overhauled. Even then it's going to get worse bef...

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New Atari 5200 RocketLauncher Artwork Pack

Jan 29 2016 10:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Just released a new RocketLauncher artwork pack for the Atari 5200. This pack supports 72 games and includes to following artwork types:2D Box2D Box Back2D Box Spine2D Cartridge3D BoxController OverlayGameplay SnapTitle SnapThis pack can be downloaded...

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Nintendo Famicom Video Snaps Added

Jan 29 2016 12:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Added the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) as its own system. This set contains 552 video snaps and is 100% compliant to the HyperBase 1.0 database. Also added is a system intro video. Enjoy!  Famicom System Intro Video (HQ-480p) 20160128...

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NES Video Snaps Updated

Jan 28 2016 05:01 PM | Circo in Site News

Got the NES videos updated to the latest names and breaking them out into a few categories. NES, NES (Hacks), Famicom. Also I improved the encoding on the 240p set. I am still missing a few and I am coming up blank on the games so hoping for a little h...

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New Sega 32X System Intro Video Added

Jan 27 2016 09:01 PM | Circo in Site News

Threw together a new System Intro Video for the Sega 32X. You can grab it in all the normal places.  32X System Intro Video (HQ-480p) 20160125 Category: Sega 32X Last Updated Feb 03 2016 09:02 AM

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    Emumovies is dedicated to archiving video game artwork for use in the many Video Game Launching front-ends available to the community.  Our primary focus is carefully edited gameplay videos or Video Snaps.  

    To date we have created over 100,000 Video Snaps of all your favorite classic video games.  In addition to videos EmuMovies also archives Boxes, Carts, Discs, Manuals, Game & Title Snaps and much more.  

    You can access this content via our Downloads Section or our EmuMovies Download Utility.  Many front-ends tie into our API for automatic content scraping such as EmuControlCenter, GameBrowser 3, GameEx and HyperSpin, .

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