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Atari 2600 RocketLauncher Artwork 2.0 Released

Oct 14 2015 01:10 AM | Circo in Site News

The RocketLauncher Artwork Pack for Atari 2600 has been released and this is a huge upgrade. The quality of all the media is much higher than in version one and a whole lot more complete. Games Supported: 648 Media Included2D Boxes: 6482D Boxes Back...

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MAME .166 Manuals for RocketLauncher Released

Oct 09 2015 12:10 PM | Circo in Main

Finally getting a good workflow going on official RocketLauncher media. Currently I am focused on really polishing up the mame packs and the first one I am calling done is the MAME Manual Pack. For the RocketLauncher pack I filtered the list down to...

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Content Contributor and Developer Access

Sep 29 2015 04:09 PM | Circo in Site News

With all the recent changes it's about time to try and start clarifying some things. In this article I am going to discuss how to receive Content Contributor or Developer Access. EmuMovies goal is to be a media portal for all Front-Ends. We started out...

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New Download Limits for Basic and Advanced Members

Sep 29 2015 04:09 PM | Circo in Site News

Daily download limits have been increased for Basic and Advanced Members of EmuMovies. Starting today: Basic Members now have a 1GB per day site download limit  Advanced Members (Active in the Forums) have a 1.5GB per day site download l...

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EmuMovies 10th Anniversary Site Redesign

Sep 24 2015 06:09 PM | Circo in Site News

Hi everyone, I have been working on new site templates and design over the last few months to commemorate the 10th anniversary of EmuMovies. I think it's finally far enough along to start talking about it. A few things that you may begin to notice. -...

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American Laser Games Refreshed

Sep 16 2015 06:09 AM | Circo in Site News

My second refresh of the day, ALG isn't a big one so I thought I would knock it out too. New listings, optimized images and videos. Video Snaps have been consolidated so you now only have one file to download. Thanks to greggooch we also have a RocketL...

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AAE Downloads Refresh (Complete)

Sep 15 2015 10:09 PM | Circo in Site News

I have been working on changing some stuff up here and I think I have finally settled on how I want the site to look. The first system to be refreshed is AAE (first in the alphabet). The first big change is videos and manuals were consolidated, no more...

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Amstrad CPC Updated (355 Videos Added)

Aug 16 2015 08:08 PM | Circo in Site News

These have been hanging around for awhile but the edits are done and finally posted. Just added 355 new videos for the Amstrad CPC. Big thanks to dave horsefield for these submissions. If you would like to add more submissions for this set please revie...

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New System Intro Videos

Aug 05 2015 04:08 PM | Circo in Site News

Hey everyone, this is going to be an august full of updates and to get us started we have six new System Intro Videos. Super Nintendo Sony Playstation Sega Master System Sega CD Sega Genesis and Nintendo NES Big thanks to DamnedRegistrations...

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(Resolved) F.T.P. and Download Service Issues

Jun 08 2015 05:06 AM | Circo in Site News

Update #1 - 06/08/2015 2:00AM PST The Download Service and API is back online. Update #2 - 06/08/2015 12:00PM PST The F.T.P. is back online. I thought we had everything fixed but we are still having an issue with account verification for the F.T.P....

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New ScummVM Video Snap Set (210 Videos)

May 22 2015 11:05 PM | Circo in Site News

Finally getting around to adding these here is 210 new video snaps for ScummVM. Thanks to the_poon for submitting the captures. Al alwasy you can find the 240p videos in the download section and the high quality videos on the ftp or download service....

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About Emumovies

    Emumovies is dedicated to archiving video game artwork for use in the many Video Game Launching front-ends available to the community.  Our primary focus is carefully edited gameplay videos or Video Snaps.  

    To date we have created over 100,000 Video Snaps of all your favorite classic video games.  In addition to videos EmuMovies also archives Boxes, Carts, Discs, Manuals, Game & Title Snaps and much more.  

    You can access this content via our Downloads Section or our EmuMovies Download Utility.  Many front-ends tie into our API for automatic content scraping such as EmuControlCenter, GameBrowser 3, GameEx and HyperSpin, .

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