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(FIXED) Sign In/Out on Website Issue

Jan 25 2015 07:01 AM | Circo in Site News

We are aware that the sign in system is broken for some reason. I have a ticket in with IPB to correct the issue, this should not affect FTP or DSU API. EDIT: All fixed guys, sorry for the inconvenience.

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EmuMovies DSU Version 2.2 Released

Jan 12 2015 07:01 AM | Circo in Site News

This update is a request from GameEx users, version 2.2 adds the option to trim the opening fade out of the video snaps. Download this new version here: EmuMovies DSU 2.2 Category: EmuMovies Download Service Last Updated Jan 26 2015 07:01...

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Welcome our new partner site Cinemavision.org

Jan 12 2015 02:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Hi everyone it's been a busy few weeks behind the scenes here at EmuMovies and now that the dust is settling a bit I can finally announce that we have a new partner site, Cinemavision.org. Currently Cinemavision creates and distributes media for Movie...

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Attention Hotmail Users

Jan 04 2015 11:01 AM | Circo in Site News

If you are signing up with a hotmail account you need to add noreply@emumovies.com to your safe senders list. I have no idea why this is being blocked. I moved the email to mandrill about 6 months ago and our reputation is excellent. If you use anothe...

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(Resolved) EmuMovies FTP Down for Security Updates

Jan 04 2015 05:01 AM | Circo in Site News

UPDATE: AS OF 3:00AM PST - FTP IS BACK ONLINE This was posted in the emumovies forums yesterday, but I came back to 26 support requests that the FTP is not working. Rest assured this is an issue on our end and not yours. Every so often security concer...

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Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) Updated (66 Videos)

Jan 02 2015 06:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) received a sizeable update today with 66 new video snaps. This set now has a total of 1526 video snaps. And thus concludes another round of DamnedRegistrations submissions.... for today ;) Videos Added/Replaced - DamnedR...

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Nintendo Virtual Boy Updated (4 Videos)

Jan 02 2015 03:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Next up on our list of updates is the Nintendo Virtual Boy. DamnedRegistrations submitted 4 more videos bringing the set to 24 video snaps in total. Videos Added/Replaced - DamnedRegistrationsBound High (Japan, USA) (Proto)Niko-Chan Battle (Japan)...

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Nintendo NES (Famicom) Updated (33 Videos)

Jan 02 2015 01:01 AM | Circo in Site News

The Nintendo NES get another update, this time we have 33 new videos brining the set up to 1,584 video snaps. A quick reminder to everyone that this set is merged on the site and FTP but there is a branch for Nintendo Famicom on the download service. T...

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Game Boy Color Updated (1 Video)

Jan 02 2015 12:01 AM | Circo in Site News

Get ready for a slew of updates this week, it's a new year and 2015 should be a good one. First up a small update for a small system. The Nintendo Game Boy Color gets one more video snap bringing the total set at 589 video snaps. Thanks to DamnedRegist...

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Game Boy Advance Updated (7 Videos)

Nov 12 2014 10:11 PM | Circo in Site News

Today brings seven new video snaps for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance set. These games are for English Translated games. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for the submissions. Continue on for a list of what was changed in this update. Videos Added/Repl...

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Colecovision Updated (8 Videos)

Nov 12 2014 10:11 PM | Circo in Site News

8 new videos for the Colecovision video snap set today means no more "Game Not Working" videos for the system. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations the set is now complete. Continue on for a breakout of what was changed. Videos Added/Replaced - Damned Regist...

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