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Game Boy Advance Updated (7 Videos)

Nov 12 2014 10:11 PM | Circo in Site News

Today brings seven new video snaps for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance set. These games are for English Translated games. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for the submissions. Continue on for a list of what was changed in this update. Videos Added/Repl...

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Colecovision Updated (8 Videos)

Nov 12 2014 10:11 PM | Circo in Site News

8 new videos for the Colecovision video snap set today means no more "Game Not Working" videos for the system. Thanks to DamnedRegistrations the set is now complete. Continue on for a breakout of what was changed. Videos Added/Replaced - Damned Regist...

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Nintendo DS Updated (26 Videos)

Oct 08 2014 11:10 PM | Circo in Site News

Thanks to submissions by UberPubert69 we have 26 new videos for the Nintendo DS video snap set. In addition some maintenance was done to the files, duplicates removed, etc. Continue reasing for a listing of the new videos. Videos Added/Replaced - Uber...

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NEC PC Engine CD Updated (117 Videos)

Oct 08 2014 04:10 AM | Circo in Site News

A huge submission from Riffman81 today today includes 117 new videos for the NEC PC Engine CD set. Continue reading for a long list of the Video Snaps that were replaced. Videos Snaps Replaced: Replaced 117 Videos - Riffman81Advanced Variable Geo (J...

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Sony PlayStation 2 Updated (90 Videos)

Oct 06 2014 06:10 AM | Circo in Site News

This update for the Sony PlayStation 2 video snap set includes 90 new videos. This brings this work in progress set to 1,037. This updates includes content captured by Circo, Trnzaddict and Riffman81. Videos Added - 90 (Circo, Trnzaddict, Riffman8...

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Nintendo NES Updated (114 Videos)

Oct 06 2014 12:10 AM | Circo in Site News

A nice sized update to the NES video snap set today brings us 114 new videos. I actually contributed on some of these as well as DamnedRegistrations, Shulbocka and Riffman81. You can find these in our Downloads Section, FTP File Server and Download Ser...

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