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Eight Systems Updated (279 Videos)

Jul 17 2014 06:07 PM | Circo in Site News

Been a little quiet around here the last couple of months so it must be time for some media updates. DamnedRegistrations has been busy filling in gaps in systems and today we added 279 Video Snaps. Systems included in this update include: Game Boy Ad...

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GameEx Evolution Teaser Released

Jul 11 2014 06:07 PM | Circo in Site News

GameEx Evolution, what is it? When is it coming out? What is it going to look like? These are questions that have been posted on various forums all year. There have been rumors floating around but not much else. It all started when earlier this year th...

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Six Systems Updated (118 Videos)

May 16 2014 09:05 PM | Circo in Site News

A whole bunch of updates on the FTP and Download Service today. Thanks to submissions by DamnedRegistrations we have 118 new Video Snaps for you guys. Systems updated include the NEC Turbo Grafx CD, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo SNES, Sega Genes...

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Sega Genesis Updated (10 Videos)

May 11 2014 03:05 PM | Circo in Site News

A quick little update for Mother's Day, as I imagine i'll be banned from the computer for the rest of the day thought I should post it while I could. Today I added 10 more video snaps for the Sega Genesis bringing the total number of Video Snaps for t...

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Commodore 64 Updated (53 Videos)

May 04 2014 10:05 PM | Circo in Site News

Pleased to announce a nice sized update for the Commode 64 Video Snap set. Thanks to submissions from Night we added 53 new videos today. Continue reading for a list of whats been added. Videos Added:Archon II - AdeptBig Mac - The Mad Maintenance M...

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Nintendo and Other Sets Updated (49 Videos)

May 04 2014 06:05 PM | Circo in Site News

Thanks to submissions by Riffman81 we have Video Snap updates for 5 systems today. Systems updated include: Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and Microsoft Windows. Continue Reading for a break down of the changes. Video Snaps Added...

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